If it’s your first time in Jackson, and you’re looking to get into some Nordic skiing, fat biking, or snowshoeing, look no further than JH Nordic! Our comprehensive resources can guide you in making the most of your winter recreation experience. For help planning your first (or next) trip in Jackson Hole, check out our guide below. 

Where to Go: 

Find a Nordic ski tour, fat bike tour, or snowshoe tour from local winter tour specialists, find your own tour/trail on JHNordic.com, or take a lesson:


Rent Nordic gear (skis, boots, poles), a fat bike, snowshoes, or bring your own!

What to wear and bring on your tour:

In a small backpack make sure to pack:

  • Warm layers: hat, gloves, wool socks, warm jacket, and base layers
  • Sun protection: buff, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Wear a mask or buff (doubled up) in case of any close encounters
  • Water or thermos of tea or coffee and a snack
  • Phone or camera
  • Map (or follow GPS on https://jhnordic.com/trails/)

Getting to the trailhead

Go Ski, Bike, Snowshoe

  • Plan ahead and prepare – parking is limited at many trailheads, so have an alternate plan.
  • Safety – keep you and your group safe, dress warmly, in layers, Remember all your gear!
  • Respect -Wildlife, other people, wild places (Leave No Trace), rules, including dog rules.
  • Check out the trail map on JHNordic.com/trails/ to find your trail, find your way.
  • Follow your location on the JHNordic GPS map.
  • Take some photos and videos!
  • Enjoy a snack, lunch on the trail, a hot drink, or some chocolate!

Apres-Ski & Apres-Bike

  • Check out a vast range of cozy places in Jackson Hole and Teton Valley for a post-activity lunch, coffee/hot chocolate, treat, drinks, or dinner by the fire
  • Share your day with friends & family–and on Instagram using the hashtag #jhnordic
  • Shop for new gear or warm clothes
  • Plan out your next adventure!
Teton Sunset

For further ideas, check out “10-tips and tricks to make your cross-country experience epic” on The Nordic Approach. Or ask any of the tour companies or specialty retail shops listed above for their expertise on making your Winter Trail adventure amazing !

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  • Early Season Skiing is Here!
    Recreate Responsibly As winter begins, we take note of the importance for all of us to Recreate Responsibly, no matter where you go, or which mode of winter transport. Our JH Nordic Alliance partners, Bridger-Teton US Forest Service and Friends of Bridger-Teton  have captured the key measures to take to stay safe, have fun, respect wildlife and our public lands and wilderness: PLAN AHEAD– Parking at trailheads is limited and popular parking areas fill quickly; be flexible and… Read More