GTNP Nordic web cam Taggart Lake Trailhead - Grand Teton National Park

Jenny lake trail head at 1/26/2021 05:00:08 PM

Last updated: 31/01/2021 08:00:00 AM

We are piloting the new web cam this season, so please understand that the latest images may not always be available - with support from Grand Teton National Park, JH Travel & Tourism Board, GTNP Foundation & SeeJH

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26 Feb 21 – Daily Trail Report

Why Does That Raven have a Solar Panel? February 2021 Wildlife Log with Ecotour AdventuresDespite what @Birdsarentreal might tell you, this is not a government surveillance drone.  It’s Raven 7485, a GPS backpack carrying member of research on ravens and wolves in Yellowstone!   We recently encountered 7485 in the Old Faithful area during a multi-day adventure and were able to look it up on the Animal Tracker App using the colored bands around its legs.  Click the… Read More

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