It’s great being a dog in the Tetons where many dog-friendly winter trails are waiting to be sniffed. Though not every area is open to our four-legged friends, there are several spaces where well-behaved dogs and owners are welcome. Get to know which of these trails are right for you and your dog. Be sure to brush up on your Petiquette and you’ll be sure to get off on the right paw.

We’ve put together a list of the top dog trails in the Tetons, conveniently organized by their locations in Jackson, Wilson, and Teton Valley. Familiarize yourself with the trails that suit you and your dog best.


Cache Creek

Cache Creek is a beloved winter trail for dogs in Jackson. The popularity of the trail has occasionally led to issues, as some dog owners have neglected their responsibilities. However, the community rallied to tackle this issue, emphasizing the importance of cleaning up after your dogs on the trail. The trail requires a 200-yard leash from the parking areas, but dogs can be off-leash on Cache Creek with effective voice command.

Being just a mile from Jackson Town Square, its location contributes to its popularity. The trail, accessible from the Cache Creek Forest Service parking area, offers various recreational activities, including Nordic skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing, and walking. From December 16th, the trail is groomed for skate and classic skiing. The terrain varies, with some flat sections, an elevation gain/loss of 850 feet, and the groomed section extending approximately 2.5 miles to Gin Pole Draw. Beyond this, Upper Cache Creek is groomed on Mondays, depending on avalanche conditions. For the return journey, you can either follow the Cache Creek trail or explore alternative routes like the Hagen Trail or the Putt-Putt Trail.

the flow of traffic on Cache Creek

Garaman Pathway

The Garaman Pathway, a community favorite, follows Flat Creek and connects a quiet residential section of Jackson to High School Road. Accessible from multiple points, Teton County/Jackson Parks & Recreation Department maintains the trail to a 2” plow depth during winter, providing a pleasant surface for fat biking, dog walking (on a lease), or a packed snow run. The Pathway is a fun way to get to school, town, or Smith’s market and surrounding commerce. It also offers peaceful river contemplation amid snowy winter banks.


Stilson (Stilson Loop & Stilson to Jackson)

Emily’s Pond is a popular dog-walking spot, offering Teton views and social opportunities for dogs. But have you explored the Stilson trails over the Snake River Bridge?

Stilson Loop is a short and easy trail in the southeastern part of Wilson Meadows, groomed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings by Teton County/Jackson Parks & Recreation in the winter. The trail offers expansive, unobstructed views of Teton Pass, Glory Bowl, the southern Tetons, and the Snake River Range. It’s dog-friendly, beginner-friendly, and exhibits stunning views – what more could you ask for?

For a longer journey beginning in Stilson, consider the Stilson to Jackson Trail that connects Wilson and Jackson along Highway 22 via Stilson Park in Wilson with the Jackson High School and the southern part of Jackson.

Old Pass Road

Old Pass Road to Crater Lake is another favorite dog-friendly winter trail. It’s popular among outdoor enthusiasts for its quick uphill workout and dog-friendly vibe. Starting from the paved parking lot trailhead for Old Pass Road and Black Canyon, located one mile west of Highway 22 at the base of Teton Pass, this snow-covered road provides a steady uphill climb at a grade of 3-5%. Many skiers and snowshoers choose to turn back at Crater Lake and return to the trailhead.

Please be aware that this is also a popular area for backcountry skiing. Downhill skiers have been known to zoom by from a ski down Teton Pass. Be aware and keep your dog on a leash for their safety.

Freshly groomed chord on Old Pass Road

Teton Valley:

A skier and their dog track a course in Sherman Park

Sherman Park

A preferred dog-friendly winter trail in Victor, Idaho is located in Sherman Park. On most Tuesday evenings, the stadium lights turn on from 6-9 p.m. for night skiing. Dogs are allowed on the trail, but it’s essential to keep them under control and within voice command to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

Driggs Winter Trails

For those residing on the Driggs side of Teton Valley, the Driggs Winter Trails provide a convenient way to exercise both yourself and your dog. This trail system offers three separate loops, totaling 6 kilometers in distance. The terrain is predominantly flat, with a few minor hills on the North Plateau loop. Visitors can bring their dogs along, but it’s important to ensure that they are well-controlled and respond to voice commands to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all trail users.

A crisp winter day at Driggs Winter Trails

Pine Creek Pass

If you and your dog are more adventurous, Pine Creek Pass near Victor, Idaho, is a great option. Pine Creek offers a serene Nordic trail, often undiscovered by locals, conveniently accessible even from Jackson Hole. The route offers flexibility, with a customizable distance. Even at 2 miles out, enjoy stunning views northeast to the Tetons and northwest to the Big Hole Mountains.

Please remember to practice proper pet etiquette out on the trails and be mindful of your dog’s temperature in the snow. Winter dog boots can help prevent cuts, burns, and frostbite.

A golden retriever bounds ahead in his snow boots

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