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Stilson to Jackson - via Hwy22 Pathway


Access via: Trail begins at Stilson Park, near the intersection of Hwy 22 and 390, just west of the Snake River Bridge in Wilson; Or in Jackson, at the Jackson High School, on High School Road, near Smith's Food, off South Hwy 89. Parking is available on both sides

Fee: $0.00 - donations appreciated

Thanks to Teton Co., Community Pathways, Friends of Pathways and many community supporters, this trail is part of the summer paved pathways system around Teton County. In winter 2016, Community pathways elected to plow this path, to allow fat bikers, walkers, runners to travel between Stilson Park in Wilson, and the Jackson High School and south section of the town of Jackson. Public funding and community donations made this plowing possible.

Plowing still often leaves a thin snow-covered surface, especially in the shady spots, so be prepared for a varied surface, ranging from snow, ice, pavement, and puddles during a thaw.

Starting on the Stilson side, park in the Stilson Park "transport" parking area (Most START buses stop here, if you wish to continue your journey via bus). Head east out of the parking area, get on the bike path running parallel to the road, and head south and through the tunnel. This stretch of trail is usually snow-covered, from tunnel to the Snake River bike bridge via Rendezvous "R" Park. Follow the bike path across R park - either via the road or bike path. (At times the bike path is a narrow, snowy walker/single track, so the road is smoother).

Cross the Snake River bike bridge, to the beginning of Emily's Pond dike trail (a nice side trip add-on). Continue straight (east) on the snow covered wide trail into the Emily's Pond parking area, follow the road to just before Hwy 22, where the plowed bike path begins on your left (east).

The bike path now follows on the north and east side of Hwy 22 on the edge of the Walton Ranch, with its horses and often large hay stacks in the shape of bread loaves. The trail is well separated from the Hwy. Continue past Walton Ranch drive, Pratt Road and the trail curves south for a mile. As one approaches the curve east near Skyline Ranch, cross under the highway via tunnel. Turn left to continue the journey toward town, now on the right (south) side of the road. The trail climbs gently uphill for 300 yards, then crests and heads downward toward the Indian Springs entrance on the right. Continue on east to a 3 way junction. To cross the highway to the north side at this point to access the Teton Science Schools, take the left fork to cross the highway via tunnel.

To continue to Jackson High School and town, take the right fork and head out to the long stretch of flat pathway that traverses the meadow toward Tribal Trails. Stay on the path for another mile, which brings you to Boyles Hill Road. Cross at the stop sign, continue straight for 300 yards, then follow the path left, past the Community Gardens, and cross the road toward the Middle School. The path now follows the playing fields west side, heading south, to the corner of High School Road. Cross over to access the High School, or turn left and parallel High School Road, still on the bike path, to Smith's Foods.

Return via the same path.

Garman Trail: To continue riding into the downtown section of Jackson, before Smith's, turn left at Gregory Lane and look for the Garaman Pathway 50 yards along on the east side. The Garman Trail runs from the schools to behind the new Post Office, crossing under Hwy 89 via tunnel then following Flat Creek. Garaman is in great shape for the most part--nicely plowed/packed and good for riding and walking. However, right by the Smiths tunnel there is a lot of ice from past melt-freeze water collection. The pathway can change from snow to ice to pavement, depending on the weather. Once you reach the end of the Garman Trail, follow Maple Way then Snow King Ave bike lanes east into historic downtown Jackson.

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