What’s Groomed in Jackson Hole/Teton Valley?

See real-time grooming in the Jackson Hole/Teton Valley region. Find all the latest grooming & fresh groomed tracks.  Plan your next Nordic Adventure with ease.

Trip Report: Trail Creek Nordic

The first visit to Sam the Truck at Trail Creek Nordic has been recorded. It is an annual tradition of ours to visit an old friend in the beautiful trails of Trail Creek; we’re excited that the JH Ski Club is grooming!!

Grooming Is Happening!

It is very exciting to report that daily grooming is starting to happen around Jackson and Teton Valley. Of course everything is dependent on precipitation and temps, but the forecasts are looking good with snow and colder temperatures becoming the normal. Keep visiting our grooming page for the most up-to-date information in real time. You too can help inform the JH Nordic community by sharing your winter trail adventures with trailconditions@jhnordic.com.

TVTAP 2024 Trail Stickers Are Now Available

We spy a lot of blue trail stickers out there (awesome) – but it’s time for a new orange one for winter 2024!  Having successfully closed out the capital campaign, the new Favero SnowRabbit snowcat arrives very soon and TVTAP can’t wait to set some nice ski tracks for you.  And bikers, we know you appreciate the unique winter singletrack trail system we groom at Southern Valley. Grab our traditional sticker or our new bike sticker for your fatbike fork or water bottle and show your support.  Order now so you can be ready to kick, glide, and roll as the trails begin to open up.  

Considerable Avalanche Conditions Exist

Avalanche conditions are considerable in the backcountry in the Tetons, per the BTAC report, so all winter trail users going into the backcountry are recommended to avoid trails and locations that may be affected by potential avalanches.

Watch for signs of cracking and collapsing, but the first clear sign of an unstable snowpack may occur when you trigger a large avalanche. This large, remotely-triggered avalanche on Mt. Elly illustrates the current avalanche problem.

The BTAC reports and their web site is a valuable local resource for planning your outing. Visit their forecast page for the most up-to-date information.

Help Protect Wintering Wildlife in Grand Teton

Winter has arrived in Grand Teton National Park – an excellent time for recreation in the snow but also a challenging time for wildlife in and around the Tetons. Wildlife biologists are asking visitors to avoid disturbing animals by following all winter closures and voluntarily avoiding bighorn sheep winter zones. In all other areas of the park, visitors should give wildlife plenty of space by maintaining 100 yards from bears and wolves, and 25 yards from other animals. Visitors can safely enjoy watching wildlife by being respectful of their need for space, staying clear of their sensitive habitats, allowing them to maintain their vital energy reserves.

Conserving energy is especially important for wildlife as temperatures plummet, snow buries food and travel is difficult. Animals like bighorn sheep, bison, deer, elk and moose survive the winter by using the least amount of energy so they can maintain fat reserves, which is especially crucial for females to successfully produce young in the spring.

Stress from winter recreation poses a significant threat to bighorn sheep and can push these iconic animals toward starvation as they endure brutal winters high in the Teton Range. “The park is asking skiers and snowboarders to voluntarily avoid sensitive bighorn sheep winter habitat, give sheep space and help us conserve these animals by spreading the word,” said Chip Jenkins, superintendent of Grand Teton National Park.

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Trail Creek

Last Update: 12/8
Take Two!
What a difference a couple of days can make!  Two inches of heavy wet snow yesterday and a couple more slightly drier on top today, and we’re back in business being able to provide some pretty reasonable Nordic skiing today.

Yesterday the roller was out, forming up the wet snow.  Today’s grooming at Trail Creek began with the roller venturing onto the National Forest, setting most of those trails for the first time this year.  The roller was then swapped out for the Ginzu which proceeded to make multiple passes over all the previous rolling.  While there is still a lot of brush showing through in places and the snow is a wee bit on the soft side, a lot of progress has been made.  If you haven’t been out for a Nordic ski yet this year, it’s time to seriously think about it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the December Nordic Newsletter with lots of information about what’s coming up at this website.

Groomer’s choice for today would be the close field for skaters and Armin’s for classic skiers.

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Last Update: 12/8
Staff went up Cache and Game Creek Friday morning, snow depths are still marginal in those areas. Staff is going to try to start at Game Creek with the Snowmobile and pull behind over the weekend or first thing next week.

For the most up-to-date grooming info visit: http://www.tetonparksandrec.org/1353/Grooming-Report

Cache Creek Singletrack

Groomed by Friends of Pathways
Grooming Schedule: As Needed

Last Update: 12/3
I did an exploratory groom up the Cache road and on Hagen from bridge 2 to 5.  Its still thin but will hopefully set up and form a base.  I will check Hagen Highway, lower Ferrins, and the River trail after we get a little more snow.

Teton Pines Nordic

Last Update: 12/8
Friday afternoon update: I’m out grooming another lap to firm things up even more overnight. Conditions are good but there are some thin areas out there. Fingers crossed for more snow tonight! It’s trying to snow now!

Shooting Star

Not Grooming Yet
Last Update: 12/8
All trails remain closed due to lack of snow. Warm temperatures this past week significantly melted last weekend’s accumulations and our current system has only provided about 1” of snow so far. Outlook is calling for light snow through the weekend, though the forecasted amounts appear to be less than required for opening. We’ll continue to evaluate daily snow accumulations and decide if any trail preparations may begin. Fingers crossed for an unexpected heavy snow band this weekend!

Grand Targhee

Not Grooming Yet
Last Updated: 12/3
Classic Track: Not Set | Fat Bike Trails: Closed | Snowshoe Trails: Closed
There is good snow coverage but grooming ops have not started so you will have to make our own track. Be sure to purchase a Nordic day or season pass at the Grand Targhee ticket office to support grooming and trail maintenance.

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Last Update: 12/8
Not Grooming Yet
Snow has been falling but depths are still shallow. We are hoping to start trail preparations this weekend.

Please help support trail grooming in GTNP by donating to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation. It’s easy and encouraged. All you need to do is visit: GTNPF.org/donate/ and leave the comment “Nordic” in the designation section. There is the opportunity to leave a one time gift or reoccurring monthly donations in any amount.

Grooming Has Yet to Begin in Grand Teton National Park.

Please support TVTAP winter trail grooming on your favorite TV winter trails by purchasing a TVTAP Trail sticker  Please remember to manage your dogs and respect dog and wildlife closures. Buy a dog trail sticker, too!

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Last Updated: 12/7
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Set
Plan to groom Friday morning, as there are a couple inches of snow that accumulated today. Hopefully conditions will allow us to continue grooming on schedule going forward. 

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Southern Valley Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Last Updated: 12/8
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
Exciting news! The Nordic grooming season has begun. Headed out to groom yeti’s and campground loops and begin to set a base. Caution, shallow snowpack exists. Be aware of hazards. Enjoy the ride and glide.  Please note the USFS dog closure policy Dec 1st – April 15th at this venue.  

Teton Reserve Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 12/2
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
It snowed and we are excited to begin grooming soon. Stay tuned to the grooming report for updates as we get trails open. Please respect the Teton Reserve golf course and only ski on the groomed trail. We will announce when the trail is open, soon. Stay tuned…

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 12/2
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
It snowed and we are excited to begin grooming soon. Stay tuned to the grooming report for updates as we get trails open. 

Driggs School Loops

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 12/2
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
It snowed and we are excited to begin grooming. Stay tuned to the grooming report for updates as we get trails open. 

Alta Nordic Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 12/6
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
Unfortunately, the snow from last weekend has mostly melted away. Now we wait for another round. Let it snow!

JH Ski & Snowboard Club’s
Black Tie Blue Jean Ski Ball

Saturday, December 9th
Bridger Gondola

VIP tables and General Admission tickets available.  This incredible evening will consist of cocktails, a silent auction, dinner, dancing, and a Grand Raffle.  Funds raised are used to offset program costs, purchase safety & protective gear and support our young athletes.

Nordic Waxing Clinic

Wednesday, December 13th
Skinny Skis

Learn the basics of glide waxing with demonstrations and hands-on use of iron and liquid applications. Each clinic limited to 10 attendees. Sign up at Skinny Skis or emailskis@skinnyskis.com.

Cost: Suggested donations of $10 to support grooming in Grand Teton National Park.

JH Ski & Snowboard Club Nordic Masters Ski Clinics

Thursdays, Dec 14 – Feb 22
Teton Pines and Trail Creek

11am – 12:30pm

5 classic clinics and 5 skate clinics at Teton Pines Nordic Center and Trail Creek Nordic Trails.

Join these clinics to work on your Cross-country classic and/or skate ski technique, balance, stamina, efficiency, performance , and fun.

Fat Bike Community Meeting

Monday, December 18th
Highpoint Cider, Victor, ID

Discuss current opportunities with Teton Valley Trails & Pathways, regional organizations, bike shops and riders. Topics to be discussed: · Singletrack grooming · Where to ride in the region · Volunteer grooming opportunities · Trail sharing and etiquette on multi-use trails · Supporting grooming and programming · Meet local riders · Short film + fat bike games!

Betty Woolsey Classic Race

Saturday, December 23rd
Trail Creek Nordic Center

This event commemorates Betty Woolsey, a ski racing Olympian and the founder of Trail Creek Ranch. During her lifetime, Betty Woolsey pioneered backcountry skiing on Teton Pass, opened Trail Creek to JHSC for Nordic skiing in 1967, and helped the JHSC Nordic and biathlon programs get off the ground.  

This community event offers distances for every age and ability; 10 AM start time with a mass start classic format.

Racers can choose from 0.5k, 3k, 5k, and 10k options.  

Christmas Brunch with Santa

Saturday, December 23rd
Turpin Meadow Ranch

Head over to Turpin Meadow Ranch 11:30am – 2:30pm for brunch and pictures with Santa! Reservations are required. Call 307-543-2000 to reserve your spot today!

Teton Ridge Classic

Saturday, January 6th
Mike Harris Trail System
Classic cross country ski races -distances: 15 km and 7 km courses.

For the last 2 decades, the Teton ridge Classic (TRC) has been one of the premier classic Nordic ski races in the Greater Teton region. The Teton Ridge Classic will take place just south of Victor, Idaho on the Mike Harris trail system.

Save the Date
JH Nordic Alliance 6th Annual Free Ski, Fat Bike, & Snowshoe Day

Sunday, January 7th, 2024
Turpin Meadow Ranch

Free Classic and skate ski gear demos, ski lessons, trail use, Backcountry Nordic ski tours, Snowshoe tours, Kids Corral, Town-to-Turpin free van shuttle -Family friendly.

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on all the wonderful events coming up! Explore the highlighted events below or find more events on our website at https://jhnordic.com/events/

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  • 5 Mar 24 – Daily Trail Report
    Keep up with the forecast as heavy snows and high winds may persist.Connect to the grooming page for relevant updates before you head out! Today’s Avalanche Forecast Nordic and winter trail users are urged to use caution when recreating on trails and terrain below steep slopes. The BTAC reports and their website is a valuable local resource for planning your outing. Visit their forecast page for the most up-to-date information. Trip Report: Trail Creek Nordic trails on a… Read More