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4.3 miles

Teton Reserve Nordic trail

Teton Valley

Fee: $0.00 - donations appreciated


Find the trailhead on the Teton Reserve Golf Course in Teton Valley, Idaho. From Victor, travel north on HWY 33 for 2 miles, then turn east onto 6000 S. Take the first right onto Reserve Dr. Follow signs to the Clubhouse, where parking and the trailhead await.


Teton Reserve, supported by the local nonprofit Teton Valley Trails and Pathways (TVTAP.org), transformed into a winter wonderland during the 21-22 season. The community-supported groomed trail provides a delightful skiing opportunity between Victor and Driggs.

Overview: Embark on a winter adventure on the Teton Reserve Winter Trail, nestled within the scenic Teton Valley, Idaho. This groomed trail, accessible from the Teton Reserve Golf Course, offers a family-friendly, gentle skiing experience suitable for all skill levels.

Skier Experience: Ideal for families and beginners, the trail offers a nearly flat terrain for easy and gentle skiing, making it a perfect location to hone your skills.

Directions: The trail layout encourages skiers to tailor their adventure. Enjoy shortcuts where trails nearly converge or embrace a continuous 7KM loop journey. Experience a 100 ft. elevation ascent/descent across the full loop. The East Field and Lay-Up loops present the flattest sections, while the Driving Range and Elk View loops introduce more hills and varied topography. Keep an eye southeastward for wintering elk inhabiting the nearby tree farm.

Clubhouse Amenities: The Clubhouse, open during regular hours, offers a range of amenities. Warm up with hot or cold beverages, savor snacks, utilize heated restrooms, and take a break between laps.

Ski Etiquette: The trail features a skate ski lane and a classic track. Please refrain from walking unless wearing snowshoes. Snowshoers should walk on the opposite side of the groomed trail from the classic tracks. Kindly note that dogs are not permitted at this venue.

Grooming: Show your appreciation for this groomed winter trail by supporting Teton Valley Trails and Pathways. Your donation at https://tvtap.org/donate sustains this winter wonderland opportunity.

Elevation gain: 26m