Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Tips for cutting down your own Christmas Tree in BTNF

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This holiday season, why not add a touch of adventure to your celebrations by cutting down your very own Christmas tree in Bridger-Teton National Forest? On top of adventuring in winter wonderland, opting for this DIY approach is not only cost-effective but also a more sustainable choice for holiday decor. Follow our guide for harvesting your own Christmas tree and make it a memorable day outdoors, whether on skis, snowshoes, or foot. 1. Secure Your… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Cross Country Skiing in Jackson Hole Part 2

Where to Ski to build your XC skills on nice and easy winter trail options.

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Part 1 of our Beginner’s Guide covers a few key points to prepare for a cross-country adventure. Here in our Beginner Guide Part 2: Where to Ski, we’ll lay out some of the options for easy trails to help you build your confidence and skills. 

In Defense of Trekking Poles

Recreators are Divided. Do they provide energy savings?

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Opinions among hikers are split. On the topic of trekking poles, recreators are divided. Dedicated hikers passionately endorse their effectiveness, attributing them with a distinct advantage in rugged terrains. While many mountain enthusiasts opt for a hands-free approach, relying solely on their natural agility when traversing challenging landscapes. However, the debate surrounding trekking poles need not be contentious. It’s important to acknowledge that these poles play a pivotal role in granting access to trails for… Read More

Trail of the Month – Two Ocean Lake Loop

A casual hike with beautiful Teton views with less people - 6.4 mile loop with 700 ft. elevation gain

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Hiking trails in Grand Teton National Park can get quite crowded in the summer. You can’t find parking after 9am, the line of people hiking in front of you are taking their good ole time, and you have to pick up someone else’s trash that they dropped. If you’re looking for a trail with Teton views and less people, Two Ocean Lake Loop is the perfect spot for you.