May JHNordic Report

Top Spring Trails | Skate Ski to Ski Lake | May Nature News

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Skate Ski to Ski Lake Watch the video! Scotty McGee shares his awesome skate ski adventure with us this past week! Crust is maturing at mid elevations. Optimal conditions exist within a short window of time as temperatures recently are rising to 40 degrees by 10am. Early starts pay off! Keep an eye out for the second or third clear night in a row and cool day time temperatures for best conditions. You can utilize… Read More

Spring Nordic Skiing Report

Teton Pass to Mosquito Creek | Where to Nordic Ski and Ride

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Trip Report – Solo Mission Teton Pass to Mosquito Creek by Scotty M. – April 4, 2022 The Green Knoll fire area represents a broad swath of skiable terrain for mid to low elevations that can be the needed passage to put together a tour to the valley floor. I had done this route once before, with Virgie Bryan, under pretty good conditions, and I had been watching the exit route snow cover for a… Read More

1 April 22 – Daily Trail Report

Grooming Updates | JHNordic Survey

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Take our JH Nordic Community Survey JHNordic is hosting this survey to assist us in improving our digital platforms and community information services on Jackson Hole Winter Trails recreation – Nordic skiing, fat biking & snowshoeing! JH Nordic is community-based and designed for you – we want to learn from you! Thanks to past surveys, we have updated many features! The 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐠𝐨𝐚𝐥𝐬 of this survey are to gain a better understanding of how our… Read More

31 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

The Hole Hiking Experience Nature Update | Trip Report: Trail Creek

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March 30, 2022 Nature Update Provided by Cathy Shill founder of The Hole Hiking Experience Nature gives to every time and season unique beauty: from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it’s just a succession of changes so soft and comfortable that we hardly notice the progress.”-Charles Dickens Recent changes and signs of spring amaze us. Snow is quickly melting with the unseasonable warm temperatures. Mountain temperatures have been above freezing… Read More

30 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

Wildlife Wednesday | Grooming in West Yellowstone

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Wildlife Wednesday with JH EcoTour Adventures Ravens are widely considered to be the smartest bird in the world. In fact, research published in late 2020 revealed that the common raven may be as intelligent as apes and chimpanzees. Researchers hand-reared 8 ravens and subjected them to a series of cognition tests that were originally developed for testing great apes and human children. At four months old, the ravens had mastered most tasks! These results compared similarly to those of adult chimps and… Read More

29 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

Favorite Spring Nordic and Fat Bike Trails

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Favorite Late season Nordic and Fat Bike Trails – Trail Creek Nordic – Teton Canyon– Grand Targhee Nordic and Fat bike trails– Other Teton Valley Nordic and fat bike trails – TVTAP groomed– Rosie’s Ridge – Togwotee Pass– Grand Teton National Park  – crust cruising north of Taggart trailhead out and back to Jenny Lake, crust cruising Signal Mountain south to the Potholes (Note: you may need to walk on the road for the first 1/2… Read More

25 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

Submit Your Contest Photo! | Crust Cruising in GTNP

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Take Photos of Your Spring Adventures before the Snow Melts! Submit your best photos of your winter season and your photo could be on the 2022-23 JH Nordic buff. This unique buff is manufactured by a local company, Avalon 7. The first-place winner will receive 10 of the new buff (value $200) and prizes from JH Nordic Alliance members like Stio, Kate’s Real Food, Friends of Pathways, JD High Country Outfitters, The Hole Hiking Experience, Trilipiderm, Skinny… Read More

24 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

Trip Report: Cottonwood Creek | The Hole Hiking Experience Nature Update

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Trip Report: Crust cruising in GTNP – Cottonwood Creek Crust cruising is happening! One of local Nordic skiers favorite spring skiing delights, whether on classic or skate skis. A few friends skied next to the groomed trail at Trail Creek Nordic Monday to discover the smoothest snow surface possible. Firm crust with a half inch of soft corn surface. Grand Teton National Park, north of Moose, also has perfectly smooth open meadows, with firm, supportive… Read More

23 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

Willow Street Safe Routes Approved | Wildlife Wednesday

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Update from Friends of Pathways: Willow Street Safe Routes Approved | Support Sage Meadows Bike Park JHNordic is excited that Jackson Town Council approved the Willow Street Safe Cycling Route through Jackson – an important connector from Snow King Ave east and north to join the bike path next to the Elk Refuge on north to GTNP. This will allow local , tons users to safely cross downtown Jackson south to north ( and back)… Read More

22 March 22 – Daily Trail Report

JHSC Happenings | Trail Creek Grooming Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

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Trip Report: Exploring more of Teton Valley -Pole Canyon We love local Nordic skier/explorer Karen D’s curiosity, adventuresome spirit and energy to get out and ski nearly all the 100+ trails in JHNordic -in Teton Valley, Jackson Hole, the Wyoming Range, the Big Holes, and all sorts of places. Broaden your horizons, explore a new trail, or break your own trail while the snow lasts. PS. a few of us skied excellent crust at Trail Creek… Read More