25 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Nature Update with Hole Hiking Experience | Teton County/Jackson Parks & Rec Grooming Updates

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March 23, 2021 Nature Update Provided by Cathy Shill, founder of The Hole Hiking Experiencehttps://www.holehike.com/ “Suffering is only the friction between what is and what is wanted.” -Guy Armstrong Recent warm temperatures and melting valley snow definitely feels like spring in Jackson Hole. Animals follow the bare earth as they start to move to summer territories. I drove north in Grand Teton Park on Sunday and saw about 20 deer on the East Gros Ventre… Read More

24 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Wildlife Wednesday | Crust Cruising with Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures

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Cover Photo Courtesy of Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures Wildlife Wednesdays with Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures Wolves, Coyotes, and Elk all in the same shot! This video by Naturalist Sarah Ernst shows the size difference between the three as well as illustrates an important predator/prey/scavenger dynamic. Wolves hunt elk, yet this herd ignores them in pursuit of supplemental feed being dropped by the tractor. Elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem have adapted for thousands of years… Read More

23 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Joe Stone Completes 14 Mile Arm Ski | Interview with Gwenn and Don Wadsworth

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Featured Image: Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures New on the Blog:Early Skate Skiing Adventures, A Life Well-Lived in Jackson Hole An Interview with Gwenn and Don Wadsworth Jessi – JH Nordic: I would love to hear about your own personal history, how you got interested in Nordic skiing, how you ended up in Jackson, becoming instructors, your story? Gwenn: So Don and I came here and taught at the high school a couple years, in ’79. It was… Read More

19 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Last Day Grooming in GTNP | PPP Registration Open

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Recreate Responsibly The Bridger-Teton National Forest offers ample groomed, tracked and off-trail opportunities for cross country skiing, fat biking, snowshoeing, or just walking with your dog. Winter recreation is more concentrated in easily accessible areas, so winter requires extra effort and diligence to protect our wildlife, our watersheds, and ensure a positive experience for all. Read more on how our community can take care of our public lands, year round. Registration OPEN for the Rendezvous… Read More

18 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Hole Hiking Nature Update | Cross Country Ski Survey

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March 17, 2021 Nature Update Provided by Cathy ShillFounder of The Hole Hiking Experiencewww.holehike.com “The trail is beautiful…be still.” -Lakota With daylight savings time and recent temperatures, the feel of spring has arrived in Jackson Hole. Longer days and more light spurs change in nature. Bears wake from winter hibernation and the first grizzly sightings have been reported in Yellowstone. (https://buckrail.com/first-grizzly-bear-of-2021-spotted-in-yellowstone/)  Melting valley snow brings birds back to the valley. Red-winged blackbirds now flock along… Read More

17 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

GTNP Plowing Next Week | JHNordic Masters Clinic Tomorrow

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New on the Blog: Karen Daubert & Jared Smith: Nordic Enthusiasts Karen Daubert and Jared Smith are not only avid skiers but also engaged Jackson residents involved in different organizations. Though Jared has more personal history in Jackson than Karen, since retiring 4 years ago, they have both been actively exploring all the winter trails of Jackson and actively involved in nonprofit work.  Jared’s History in JacksonJared grew up enmeshed in the Nordic community of… Read More

16 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Oxbow Bend Snowshoe | Register for Pole Pedal Paddle

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Snowshoe Trip Report: Oxbow Bend, GTNP We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon snowshoe along the Snake near the Oxbow!  Hard enough crust to stay on top with warm enough temperatures for one of our group to wear shorts!  We were treated to a viewing of 3 otters swimming, diving, eating, romping and playing along and on the opposite shore as they moved upstream for a quarter mile.  Magical! -Kathy  Grooming Schedules and End of Season… Read More

15 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Flagg Ranch Canyon BC Nordic Ski | Spring Temps on the Rise

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Trip Report: Flagg Canyon BC Nordic From Flagg Ranch north to the Yellowstone National Park boundary , we followed the Snake River along its west bank above Flagg Canyon. With dramatic overlooks down into the river, twisting trail thru forests ( and burnt remnants), after 2.2 miles, we eventually dropped down to the river’s edge for a sunny, picnic lunch. Highlight of the day: watching 3 wolves trotting along in the meadow on the opposite… Read More

11 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Hole Hiking Experience Nature Update | Jessie Diggins Clinches Nordic World Cup Overall Title

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March 10, 2021 Nature Update Provided by Karen D.www.holehike.com “This is my very  favorite time of the year to Nordic Ski!” my friend proclaimed emphatically.  When asked why, she explained how wildlife is coming into the valley, the birds are returning and the evidence of so much activity can be found – when one is extra observant – in the snow.  As if to prove her point, we rounded a corner and saw such unusual… Read More

10 Mar 21 – Daily Trail Report

Trip Report: Taggart to Jenny | Vote for JHNordic!

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Trip Report: Taggart to Jenny Lake One of the busiest days of the winter at Taggart, with parking down the road for nearly a mile. Lots of skate and classic cross country skiers, backcountry AT skiers, walkers – with and without dogs (happily on leash!), several GTNP Nordic Ambassadors in their red jackets with smiles and a friendly word, and a GTNP Ranger sharing wildlife info. We also saw several families visiting from California and… Read More