If our pets could talk, they might tell us summer season is their favorite time of year.  There is just so much out there for them to explore and smell! 

However, it can be a bit confusing to decipher exactly where in the Jackson Hole area dogs are welcome to explore with their owners. Luckily for your canine friends, it’s possible to customize the JH Nordic trail directory to search for only dog-friendly trails. 

With this interactive feature, even the most seasoned local dog owners can find a new trail to explore with their dog(s). 

A few of our favorite dog walks

Ski Lake:

This engaging in-and-out hike has about 1,000 feet of elevation gain along the way. Recreators will travel through thick forests and bustling meadows before reaching Ski Lake for a refreshing dip. Access to this hike is off of Teton Pass. 

Emily’s Pond:

A convenient and level walk alongside the Snake River. Emily’s Pond makes for a good walk for all dogs old and young. Just make sure that your dog is leashed or under voice control – as this is a heavily trafficked area. 

Teton Canyon:

A favorite access point from the Idaho side is a stunning trail with access to water along the way. This trail will lead to Alaska Basin, one of the most beautiful dog-friendly camping spots in the area

Credit: PAWS Mutt Mitts – Cleaner trails through 150,000 free mutt mitts every year.

Pack your (pet’s) Bags:

Make sure that your dog is as ready as you are for the trails. 

  • A collapsable water bowl will come in handy keeping your pet hydrated on those hot summer days. 
  • Make sure to bring a leash for all areas of the trail that require them – and if your dog is not under voice control, please keep them leashed. It’s the respectable thing to do. 
  • Bring poop bags and clean up after your pet. And go ahead and go the extra mile and pick up a few extra messes. If you forget, PAWS has a few mutt mitt stations at trailheads of some popular dog walks. 

Always make sure that the environment is right for your particular dog. Don’t feel pressured to take your dog off-leash before they are ready – it’s best for the safety of wildlife, your pets, and other recreators.  

When we set foot outdoors with intention, everyone is happy, those with 2 legs and those with 4. 🙂

Each year, we have a team of trained Trail Ambassadors out on trails rewarding good behavior and spreading the “PAWS-itivity.”

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