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3.6 miles

Ski Lake


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Drive west on Hwy 22 past the town of Wilson and up Teton Pass approx. 5 miles. Turn off right at the Philips Canyon sign (or park on the southeast (opposite) side of the road). The trailhead begins at the Bridger-Teton National Forest Map sign 40 yards north of the highway.


Parking: Park on the southeast (opposite) side of the road or as indicated by trail signage. Parking is limited so please carpool if in a group.

Skiing Experience: The trail offers a combination of gradual climbs, open meadows, wooded sections, and some potentially steep pitches. The return journey provides gentle downhills, which are particularly enjoyable when there is fresh powder. Due to the steep pitches and climbs, this trail is recommended for more intermediate to advanced skiers.


Beginnings: The Ski Lake trail starts as a forest service access road, heading north toward Philips Canyon and Philips Pass along a ridgeline. The initial stretch climbs gradually uphill through pine and fir forests for half a mile.

Uphill Stretch: The trail then forks off the left of the main service road, ascending the left (west) side hill. As it steepens, the trail progressively turns west, traversing open meadows and large mature trees. After the first steep slope (500 yards), it reaches a rolling crest, moves through denser trees, and emerges in a large open meadow.

To Ski Lake: Continuing west, the trail recommences a gradual climb uphill, passing the turnoff for the summer trail to Philips Pass. It winds through wooded sections, crosses a large open boulder field, and encounters a potentially steep section. For skiers, consider traversing with switchbacks to navigate the climb along the creek bed. At the top of this pitch, the trail crosses through scattered trees, and levels out 100 yards before the lake's edge. There are a few fallen trees that make good resting spots or picnic locations.

Extended Exploration: Continue on the trail past Ski Lake or explore the summer trail to Philips Pass.

Return: Return via the same trail, utilizing traverses and switchbacks for controlled descent.

Winter Grooming: This is an ungroomed trail that has been tracked by skiers. It is recommended to use skins.

Summer Conditions: A popular and convenient summer hike to Ski Lake. Make sure to bring bear spray for safety and respect the wildlife you encounter.

Dog Owners: Dog-friendly trail during the summer. Keep dogs on a leash for safety.

Elevation gain: 445m