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4.6 miles

Snake River Dike SouthWest


Fee: $0.00


Hwy 22, Southwest side of Snake River bridge, 1 1/2 miles east of Wilson, WY


Snake River Dike Southwest is a dog-friendly favorite that is somewhat less traveled than Emily’s Pond. It's an un-groomed trail with more natural snow yet offers easy, convenient access from both Jackson and Wilson. Located on the Westbank of the Snake River, the ski track runs along the southwest dike, providing a flat surface, and usually has two skier tracks for classic cross-country skiing. As a popular dog location without grooming, the tracks can get broken up by dog footprints. Moose are occasionally seen in the willows on both sides of the trail.

Parking: The start is from the parking lot just off HWY 22 on the west side of the Wilson Bridge.

Respect Private Property: Note that the trail is on the dike, and private property runs adjacent to the west. Please respect the private property and do not go off the dike. There is also a gate at Mile 2 and beyond, which should not be crossed.

Skiing Experience: Dog-friendly and less crowded, un-groomed trail with a flat surface. Suitable for classic cross-country skiing.

Directions: Start from the parking lot just off HWY 22 on the west side of the Wilson Bridge. Enjoy views along the southwest dike of the Snake River. The trail is an out-and-back, return along the same trail.

Winter Grooming: Un-groomed with more natural snow. Tracks may be affected by dog footprints.

Summer Conditions: Open and accessible to walkers, bikers, and dogs. Please pick up behind your dog to keep the trail clean.

Dog Owners: Dog-friendly trail, but please pick up behind your dog to maintain cleanliness.

Nordic Skiers: The trail is suitable for classic cross-country skiing.

Elevation gain: 20m