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2.5 miles

Old Pass Road to Crater Lake


Fee: $0.00


Located 1 mile west of Hwy 22 at the base of Teton Pass, ¼ mile west of Trail Creek Ranch.


Old Pass Road provides a favorite cross-country classic trail for a brisk uphill workout offering quick access on the Westbank. Closed permanently to vehicle traffic, it serves as a popular XC ski trail, dog-walking trail, and runout for AT skiers descending Teton Pass. A consistent ski track is usually present, barring snowstorms.

Skiing Experience: A well-traveled intermediate trail that is suitable for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and dog walking. Expect a steady uphill grade with opportunities for extended exploration.

Beginnings: Begin at the Old Pass Road/Black Canyon Trailhead parking area. The trail ascends consistently, turning NW toward Crater Lake.
Uphill Stretch: The trail steadily climbs at a 3-5% grade, providing a good workout for skiers and snowshoers. The trail heads uphill for 1 mile, then flattens, turning NW until reaching the gorgeous view of Crater Lake, typically frozen and snow-covered in winter.
Extended Exploration: Many turn back at this point, but options include continuing uphill along Old Pass Road and extending the outing with switchbacks to the summit of Teton Pass (5 miles one-way). Be mindful of backcountry enthusiasts sharing the road for their exit from powder runs off the Pass. Adventuresome skiers can explore side variations off the south side of Old Pass Road, following summer hiking trails like Boulder and history trails through untracked snow and variable terrain. Moose sightings are possible, especially near the pass's bottom in winter.
Return: Retrace the route to return to the Old Pass Road/Black Canyon Trailhead parking area.

Winter Grooming: The trail is usually groomed and well-tracked, but conditions may vary. Be cautious during snowstorms.

Dog Owners: Dog-friendly trail. Keep dogs on a leash and be aware of wildlife.

Nordic Skiers: Ideal for Nordic skiing, with a steady climb and groomed track.

Summer Hikers: Accessible year-round, providing a steep but rewarding hike. The paved surface makes it suitable for quick cardio, and accessible in various weather conditions. Wildlife, including moose and bears, can be present, so carry bear spray.

Elevation gain: 206m