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Today’s Avalanche Forecast

Nordic and winter trail users are urged to use caution when recreating on trails and terrain below steep slopes. The BTAC reports and their website is a valuable local resource for planning your outing. Visit their forecast page for the most up-to-date information.

What’s Groomed in Jackson Hole/Teton Valley?

See real-time grooming in the Jackson Hole/Teton Valley region. Find all the latest grooming & fresh groomed tracks.  Plan your next Nordic Adventure with ease.

Trip Report: Emily’s Pond Groomed Trail

Photo from Liz S.

Fat bikers and cross country skiers enjoying Emily’s Pond groomed trail on the Snake River dike, plus the new 2000 ft trail of groomed extension added this winter on BLM land on the mart end. Thanks to TC/J Parks & Rec grooming!

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We encourage winter trail users to support all of our grooming teams across Jackson Hole and Teton Valley. When possible please consider a donation to the trails you frequent. Please leave a comment such as “grooming” or “Nordic” in the designation or campaign section.

Trail Creek

Grooming Daily
Last Update 3/17

2023-2024 JHSC Junior Team!

Somewhere around 10 million ski tracks (number of skiers X strides/minute X minutes/practice X practice sessions) were made at Trail Creek this year by our 2023-2024 JHSC Nordic team, not to mention a bunch of great racing, companionship, and team work along the way, way to go Juniors, the grooming department loves grooming out your tracks!

There is still plenty of time for you to make at least a few hundred thousand tracks at Trail Creek in the final few weeks of the season.  If you head out today you will discover that the Husky was out late in the day yesterday, refreshing pretty much every trail.  A single skate/classic pass through the woods smoothed skate lanes nicely and refreshed classic tracks as did double passes through the fields.

Several reports from yesterday indicated that even though conditions varied quite a bit depending on the time of day and sun exposure, all in all, skiing was very nice which should be the rule for today as well.  Since most programs are done for the year, the next grooming will be Monday evening.

Groomer’s choice for today is the East Fields. 

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Last Update: 3/15
Cache Creek Road groomed morning of 3/15.
3/11: Grooming for the remainder of the season in Cache will not go up to Noker Mine.  Staff hopes to continue through April 1st this year. Stay tuned for updates on the schedule.  

Cache Creek Singletrack

Groomed by Friends of Pathways
Grooming As Needed

Last Update: 3/15
Bridge 2 Connector, Bridge 3 Connector, Ferrin’s Trail, Hagen, Hagen Highway, Sidewalk Bridge 2 to 3, and Sink or Swim were groomed the evening of 3/14.

Teton Pines Nordic

Grooming Daily
Last Update
: 3/17
Will be hard and fast this am but will soften quickly when it warms up today. The far loop near the signs 6&5 is closed for the season due to construction. Sale in the shop–clothing, skis, boots, poles are 20% off!

We groom approximately 16km of track for both skate and classic daily. We have a full retail and rental shop. We offer lessons daily. Call us with questions and to book lessons: (307) 732-4130. To keep our track in pristine shape for skiing we do not allow dogs, walking, snowshoeing, or fatbikes. 

Teton Village Trails

Groomed Periodically
Last Update:
Starting plowing the windy mile at the south end so more people can bike to avoid traffic.

Shooting Star

Grooming Daily
Last Update: 3/12
Spring’s just around the corner and Golf Maintenance is scheduled to conduct our annual practice of applying black sand on the greens that naturally aids in melting the snow. Based on the upcoming forecast, we anticipate temporarily switching to evening trail grooming which allows us to perform maintenance on the greens during the mornings. Evening grooming begins at 5:30 pm and all skiers need to be off the trails by this time. Reminder, that conditions may be icier during the morning hours throughout the final portion of the season. Below is an approximate outline of the upcoming Maintenance schedule during March 13-18 (Weather & Equipment pending):

  1. Wednesday (3/13): Evening Grooming begins at 5:30 pm, skiers need to be off the trails.
  2. Thursday & Friday: The snow on the greens will be packed down via our snowcat during the morning and early afternoon hours. Evening Grooming will begin at 5:30 pm daily, skiers need to be off the trails.
  3. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: Black sand will be applied to the greens during the morning hours. Evening Grooming will begin at 5:30 pm daily, skiers need to be off the trails.
  4. Tuesday (3/19): Grooming switches back to mornings, pending completion of maintenance practices.

Note, skiers may encounter some rough sections caused by equipment hauling materials to the Golf Maintenance facility, but skiing conditions should remain enjoyable throughout this process. This is a time sensitive operation and needed to be performed during this timeframe, as above average temperature are forecasted next week. Thanks.

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Grooming Has Ended For The Season
Last Update: 3/17
What a day for the season closer! Sunny skies, fast trails, delicious food, lots of rentals and a lesson out of our ski hut, the luck of the Irish, and smiles all around. Thank you to all who visited us this winter. As we reflect on the 2023/2024 winter season we are so grateful for the community who loves Turpin, it truly is the people who make this place special. 

Turpin Meadow Ranch is located on the Bridger-Teton National Forest therefore you can still use the winter trails though they will no longer be maintained and most amenities are closed for the season. The lodge restrooms and retail shop will be open from 9am-4pm until April 15. If you venture up this spring be sure to carry your bear spray. We kindly ask that any springtime trail users respect the fact that the buildings, vehicles, and essentially anything above ground is private property and unavailable during the off season.

Grand Teton National Park

Grooming Has Ended For The Season
Last Updated: 3/15

Final day of grooming for 2023/2024 season. Taggart Lake Trailhead to Signal Mtn.

Grand Targhee

Grooming: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/16

GTR grooms Rick’s Basin area trails Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun. Trails are in good condition. No classic track. Spring conditions.

Please remember no dogs on the Nordic trails and be alert for dog sledding traffic at intersections along the Nordic Connector. GTR is no longer grooming for fat biking or snowshoeing, however fat biking is permitted on the groomed Nordic trails.

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Last Updated: 3/17
Sunday – will smooth out the skate track this morning before 10am. Will reset the classic late today or tomorrow.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Southern Valley Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/16
Cleaned up the skate lane on both yeti and campground. Reset the classic track on campground. The classic track on yeti was in pretty good shape and I could t have improved it, so I left it alone. It’s not great in the sunny spots and it is great in the shady spots. Enjoy! Looks like it was skiing fast and fun! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Singletrack: 3/15
Groomed the powerline, grumpy connector, and the hillbenders. We are in “ride early, ride cold” season for sure. The shift in daylight has also brought out a ton of people with dogs (first time we have seen any this season) but remember the forest service rules do not allow dogs in Mike Harris during the winter months. Thanks! 

Please note the USFS dog closure policy Dec 1st – April 15th at this venue.  

Teton Reserve Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 3/16
Groomed with the rabbit in really challenging conditions. The golden hour at this time of the year is exactly that, about an hour. Groomed all the southern loops for skate and classic. Left the north loop as is due to the challenges. Groomer tip: try to ski between 30 and 35°  for your best experience. Any colder and it will be frozen due to the moisture content from the warm daytime temp. 

ATTENTION: Do not CRUST CRUISE on golf course property and respect the privacy of homeowners. Stay away from homes, private property and ski on established trails only. Thank you. 

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 3/13
Wednesday morning: mostly good, and some better, news!
good news: classic track is in. It’s a bit variable (shallow) in some places and soft at the moment, but hopefully it sets up well.
better news: used the ginzu to reset the skate track and it’s in good condition!
The snow is falling and covering things quickly, but the sun is on its way. Get it while you can! 

Driggs School Loops

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 3/17
Multiple laps around the main track were needed to remove the ruts made by a large tire vehicle that drove on the trail yesterday. I left the classic track as is.

Please pick up your trash and dog pop with the supplied Mutt Mitt station.

Alta Nordic Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/17
Skate reset only.

ATTENTION: Skiers CRUST CRUISING please respect the privacy of homeowners stay away from homes and private property. Thanks. 

Darby Canyon

Grooming As Needed
Last Updated: 3/15
Groomed today 3/13.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Rammell Mountain Road

Grooming As Needed
Last Updated: 1/24
Groomed today 1/24.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

South Leigh Road

Grooming As Needed
Last Updated: 3/11
Groomed this morning 3/11.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Pinnacle Trail

Grooming As Needed
Last Updated: 3/15
Grooming today 3/13.

Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on all the wonderful events coming up! Explore the highlighted events below or find more events on our website at

Women in the Tetons – XC Ski at Trail Creek

Trail Creek Nordic
March 21


The $20 trail pass fee will be covered by WITT, but you need to sign up as we have limited spots.
No experience necessary, but you will need to bring/rent skis. You don’t need to sign up if you already have a Trail Creek pass!

2024 International Spring Series

Trail Creek Nordic
March 29-April 1

Welcome all to 2024 International Spring Series!  This series is going to be a fun last hurrah for everyone who wants to keep racing through the end of the season.  The races will feature a variety of nontraditional formats that will engage everyone and provide for shorter, faster, more fun racing for all comers.  

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