Alert: Aggressive Moose Reported in Upper Cache Creek Monday evening

Courtesy of Linda M.
Recreation, Wilderness Program Manager – Forest Service

We just received a report of a scary incident Monday evening about 5:30 pm with an aggressive cow moose in upper Cache Creek. No one was injured but one person had to dive off the trail into the brush to escape.

This is the second report we have received (the other incident occurred in Granite Creek). If you could post the following message, we would appreciate it

We have received a significant amount of snow over the past couple weeks. As a result, moose are increasingly being reported on roads and groomed trails as they try to avoid the deep snow and the difficulty of navigating steep snowbanks. Moose can behave aggressively towards dogs and people that come too close. Please avoid injury by staying very alert to the presence of moose on trails, recreating during daylight hours when visibility is good, ensuring dogs stay close by your side and leashing them whenever moose are in the area, and giving moose plenty of space.

We are posting signs to alert people to the presence of moose on trails and are working with groomers to create “off-ramps”/”snowbank cuts” that allow moose to get off a trail without feeling trapped.

Trip Report: Stilson Loop

Great place for an easy, mellow, flat XC ski. Dog friendly, fat bike friendly.  Groomed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday by TC/J Parks & Rec.
Extend onto the Wilson Centennial trail, or thru the tunnel to R Park and Emily’s Pond. Perfect place to learn! Lots of parking, START Bus to Jackson and Teton Village.

Trail creek

Last Updated: 2/23

Bluster and Maelstrom!
Once again the wind is kicking around the fields with some pretty good intensity today at Trail Creek.  A couple of inches of heavy snow have fallen in the past 24 hours with light snowfall continuing.  Fortunately this windy period we’ve been experiencing lately is supposed to wind down by tomorrow.

Today’s grooming is tentatively kind of a hybrid system.  Early this morning the Ginzu did do some laps in the close field to allow skiers to hopefully find their way to the woods where the skiing is rustic, but not too bad.  The schedule then calls for the Pisten Bully to return to service around noon for some serious grooming before practice starts later in the afternoon.  Priorities will be dependent upon wind speeds at that time, but expect lots of grooming on non-National Forest trails along with the close field with road crossings around the cabin being re-graded as well.  This afternoon’s practice schedule is quite light with only the Prep/Comp skiers on snow.

Groomer’s choice for today is to follow the Pisten Bully this afternoon.

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Last Updated: 2/23

The school fields and the levee are groomed and in decent shape. New snow and drifting is filling them in quickly. Stilson will be done around 10:30.

Cache Creek

Last Updated: 2/20
We rolled Cache Hagen Sidewalk and Hagen Highway this evening and will snowshoe the trails near the trailhead this weekend.

Grooming provided by Friends of Pathways.

Teton Pines Nordic

Last Updated: 2/22

Grooming daily. Excellent snow quality for both classic cross country and skate skiing. On snowy days, we recommend coming out in the morning just after the groomer sets the track for silky smooth skiing. Rentals available.

Call us for specific retail questions (307) 699-3394 or Our hours are 9am-4pm daily.

Shooting Star

Last Updated: 2/23

Today is a great to stay home, wax your skis, and catch up on some laundry. As forecasted in yesterday’s update, our site is experiencing very high winds, zero visibility, and gusts up to 50 mph. Teton County has issued no unnecessary travel to Teton Village due to white out conditions. I would strongly recommend avoiding using the Nordic trails today because of this extreme weather. Trails were groomed this morning, but winds and snow are creating unsafe conditions. This evening at 6pm, as a precursor for prepping the course for tomorrow mornings groom, we will be doing an initial nighttime groom to smooth out todays drifting. Stay Safe today!  The weather appears to be more stable on Wednesday.

Teton Village Pathway

Last Updated: 2/17
Teton Village Pathway from Lake Creek Bridge north to just south of the GTNP moose-wilson road south entrance was groomed this morning. Nice for an easy , flat nordic ski, fat bike , or trail run. Or if you’re commuting by ski or bike from Wilson or Jackson!

Groomed by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and funded by Teton Village Association .

Grand Teton National Park

Last Updated: 2/23
High winds and no visibility means no grooming today.  Lee tried to get out there, but it is pointless.

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Last Updated: 2/22
The quantity and quality of snow we’ve received this last storm cycle, combined with warmer temperatures and longer days is making for some fantastic Nordic conditions at the ranch! TMR is only open for two more weeks this winter season so play hooky if you must and get up here for a good time, we groom daily. | 307.543.2000, office

Grand Targhee

Last Updated: 2/23
Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Last groomed 2/20/2021, Fat Bike CLOSED.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Last Updated: 2/23
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
Rolled the track last night just to pack down the blown in areas. It is of course snowing and blowing hard out here this morning. I will try to get out there this afternoon if it slows down a bit.

Please do not park in the library parking lot. Please be sure to keep your dogs on a leash and to clean up after them.


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Last Updated: 2/22
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Rolled and smoothed skate track then set classic track. Drifting snow has already started to fill in track in many places.

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/22
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Groomed the skate track and reset the classic track. Singletrack also got a fresh groom. You can expect quite soft snow conditions in these warm temperatures. Enjoy the glide in the ride!

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Last Updated: 2/22
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Monday: After a couple nights with no new snow, should be able to use Ginzu this morning to reset both skate and classic tracks, with good results, hopefully.

Southern Valley Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Last Updated: 2/21
Skate: Set | Classic: Not Set
I rolled Campground and Yetis loops to packed down the snow. I was able to set the skate track. I did not set the classic track. I imagine you can expect soft snow conditions in these warm temps. Enjoy the glide.

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Teton Springs Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
Last Updated: 2/20
Skate: Set | Classic: Set | Singletrack: Set
With some effort I was able to groom the singletrack, skate track, and classic track. Enjoy the ride, and glide!

No dogs allowed.

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/18
Singletrack: Set
Got the trail packed in and buffed out yesterday afternoon. It will be good till the next round of snow arrives.

Southern Valley Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Singletrack: Not Set
We are in a storm cycle and trails are very soft due to all the new snow. It needs to stop snowing for a couple days and the temperature needs to drop for the trails to firm up. Till then, consider alternative places to ride, like plowed roads, or machine groomed snowmobile trails. Or, go ski powder!

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Darby Canyon

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed to ATV trailhead 2/17

South Leigh Road

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed this morning 2/17

Pinnacle Trail

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed 2/16 to the meadows

Nordic Masters Recreational Clinic


Time: 11am -12:30pm – Meet on snow outside the JH Ski Club Nordic cabin.

3 Nordic coaches from the JH Ski Club – 3 small skier groups based on ability. This clinic will focus on classic XC techniques. BYO Mask.

Trail Creek Nordic trail pass is included for the day for Clinic season pass holders and drop-in participants ($35). Stay on and explore the trails after the clinic.

Pinedale Stampede

FEBRUARY 27, 2021

6k, 10k, 20k and races. Races will all be mass start, freestyle race. Prizes and giveaways!

We’d love to hear about your outdoor adventures, what your doing to stay healthy, safe, respectful of community health guidelines – send pictures or post on FB and Insta – #JHNordic

Explore JH Nordic



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