Best Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trips in Grand Teton National Park

Winter in Jackson Hole.  The breathtaking peaks of the Teton Range are covered with a deepening snowpack, to the delight of downhill skiers and snowboarders at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  Grizzly and black bears and smaller mammals are hibernating beneath the snow, and herds of elk and bison are retreating to the southern end of the Jackson Hole valley, seeking out winter habitat.  Pronghorn antelope and mule deer have migrated south to the Red Desert. 

As snow covers the valley of Grand Teton National Park, a winter wonderland has emerged, providing ample opportunities for exploration on cross country skis or snowshoes.  The guides at Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures , Hole Hiking Experience and Wildlife Expeditions of Teton Science Schools have been out exploring Grand Teton National Park on ski and snowshoe tours.Here are some of our favorite spots!

Trip Report: Game Creek

Game Creek is always a fun place to visit but it was extra magical following our heavy recent snowfall.  We talked to a very friendly Trail Ambassador as well as a wonderful Trail Angel who offered much-needed wax to any and all!  The temperature had warmed dramatically resulting in lots of sticking!  Another reminder to stock up on wax and scrapers and to carry them with you!

Trail Creek Snowy Cabin Edition

We’re once again into the latter half of February and the snow has gotten deep this winter.  While there is still more snow in the forecast and we might revisit our favorite cabin going forward, the time has come to see how we are faring this winter.

While we aren’t breaking any records this winter like 2019 or 2017, there is still a lot of snow on the roof of the cabin near the Homesite Trail, probably either third or fourth place since 2012.  Check out the images below in a more or less heavy to light arrangement.  One interesting phenomenon this year, the owner had lost his chimney in past years and so just in the past few days had someone knock that down, thankfully the shoveler was careful to preserve the crazy deep snow we see from the trail.

The Cabin through the years!

Trail creek

Last Updated: 2/21

 Today’s grooming was a mixture of Ginzu Grooming and rolling and the really good thing is that the Ginzu was able to lay down some nice classic tracks on most every trail.  The not quite so good news was that as grooming was wrapping up the winds were gusting a bit, pretty much covering up the field trails.  The woods however should ski quite nicely today; skating will be a bit soft but classic tracks are back!

 Groomer’s choice for today is to ski up Homesite and check out the snowy cabin.

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Last Updated: 2/20
The levee and stilson have been groomed for the morning but filled in quickly with new snow. Expect soft conditions. The school fields will be done around 10:30.

Cache Creek

Last Updated: 2/13
Groomed Cache to Noker 2 wide, hagen, sidewalk, hagen highway, river trail, and sidewalk around the trailhead.  The sidewalk between the trailhead and bridge 2 is wind hammered and not groomable right now by human power but everything else should set up nice with the colder temps tonight.

Grooming provided by Friends of Pathways.

Friends of Pathways

Last Updated: 2/19

We rolled Cache Hagen Sidewalk and Hagen Highway this evening and will snowshoe the trails near the trailhead this weekend.

Teton Pines Nordic

Last Updated: 2/18

Perfect, silky smooth corduroy and 2 crisp classic  tracks side-by-side today. Hero groomed snow, smooth glide, firm but soft enough for excellent skate purchase. The new Snow cat is making a nice difference!  Highly recommended!

Call us for specific retail questions (307) 699-3394 or Our hours are 9am-4pm daily.

Trip Report 2/21/21: Sunday funday at Teton Pines Nordic! Friends , Family, community, several GTNP Nordic Ambassadors, Teton Pines Nordic instructors out enjoying the immaculate groomed trails. Perfect conditions for cross  country classic and skate skiing .
Apres-ski Expresso coffee reward at Persephone West, an easy 100 yards walk across the street! Choice of indoors, outside table, take-out!

Shooting Star

Last Updated: 2/16
Look for snowy conditions over the next 7 days as the forecast is calling for daily accumulations of 2”-6”. Winds appear to be light to moderate with higher gusts this weekend. Overall, skiing should be enjoyable. Get out and have fun! Next Update will be Monday 2/22.

Please See the following  Restrictions

  • Dog Loops & All Nordic Skiing Trails OPEN
  • Sled Hill OPEN
  • Classic Tracks SET
  • Snow Shoeing Loop OPEN
  • Casual Walking Not Permitted

Teton Village Pathway

Last Updated: 2/17
Teton Village Pathway from Lake Creek Bridge north to just south of the GTNP moose-wilson road south entrance was groomed this morning. Nice for an easy , flat nordic ski, fat bike , or trail run. Or if you’re commuting by ski or bike from Wilson or Jackson!

Groomed by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and funded by Teton Village Association .

Grand Teton National Park

Last Updated: 2/21
GTNP today Taggert to South Jenny. Cold and overcast with wind. Expect soft trail conditions. @jhnordic @grandtetonfoundation #gtnpgrooming 

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Last Updated: 2/21
Another 4-6 last night, trails are quite soft still, but everything got groomed this AM! If you’re new to skiing or wanting to refine your skills, book a ski lesson with our professional ski instructor Elee (she also does guided tours)! She is a wealth of knowledge and can help take your Nordic skiing, whether it be skate or classic, to the next level! To help with social distancing and to get you on the trails faster please purchase your trail passes and sign your waivers online in advance (see link below). As always, remember to recreate responsibly. Bring a mask as it is required to enter the lodge. Lunch and dinner are both by reservation only. | 307.543.2000, office

Grand Targhee

Last Updated: 2/21
Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Last groomed 2/20/2021, Fat Bike CLOSED.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Last Updated: 2/21
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Sunday: Plan to reset both skate and classic tracks this morning. Should finish by 10am.

Please do not park in the library parking lot. Please be sure to keep your dogs on a leash and to clean up after them.


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Last Updated: 2/21
Skate: Set | Classic: Not Set
8 AM Due to recent storm I will roll Driggs track and groom main loop by High School. East loop was groomed yesterday. Sledding hill will be rolled today !!

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/20
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Bonus Groom! Made multiple passes to pack out the track. I’m hoping that things will set up tonight and track will be great tomorrow. 8 inches or so of light snow so it still may be a tad soft.

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Last Updated: 2/21
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Rolled out the skate lane and reset the classic track. Enjoy!

Southern Valley Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Last Updated: 2/21
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set
I’m going to head out to roll and packed down Campground and Yeti’s loops. I plan to start by 4:45. Please be aware of the machinery on the trails. Standby for updates.

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Teton Springs Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
Last Updated: 2/20
Skate: Set | Classic: Set | Singletrack: Set
With some effort I was able to groom the singletrack, skate track, and classic track. Enjoy the ride, and glide!

No dogs allowed.

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/18
Singletrack: Set
Got the trail packed in and buffed out yesterday afternoon. It will be good till the next round of snow arrives.

Southern Valley Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Singletrack: Not Set
We are in a storm cycle and trails are very soft due to all the new snow. It needs to stop snowing for a couple days and the temperature needs to drop for the trails to firm up. Till then, consider alternative places to ride, like plowed roads, or machine groomed snowmobile trails. Or, go ski powder!

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Darby Canyon

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed to ATV trailhead 2/17

South Leigh Road

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed this morning 2/17

Pinnacle Trail

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 2/17
Groomed 2/16 to the meadows

Pinedale Stampede

FEBRUARY 27, 2021

6k, 10k, 20k and races. Races will all be mass start, freestyle race. Prizes and giveaways!

We’d love to hear about your outdoor adventures, what your doing to stay healthy, safe, respectful of community health guidelines – send pictures or post on FB and Insta – #JHNordic

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