Wildlife Advocacy and Winter Recreation with Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures

Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures is a wildlife cross country ski and snowshoe tour operator in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks that has been operating for 12 years. For 365 days of the year, they run a variety of snowshoe and cross country ski tours and road-based wildlife tours for all ability levels that seek to connect visitors and give them a deeper experience with the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In the winter, most of the tours run in Grand Teton National Park.

“We try to get people excited about the winter ecology around us and the added value beyond just a ski tour–it’s a ski tour with a skilled, professional naturalist that’s going to deeply connect you to the landscape”, says Josh Metten, a Naturalist Biologist Guide with EcoTour Adventures.

“As a wildlife cross country skiing and snowshoeing tour operator, we have a commitment to conservation because we’re only able to do what we do as a company because of the wildlife and wild places around us,” Josh goes on to say.

With such amazing access to wildlife, the folks at EcoTour Adventures are huge advocates for responsible recreation and respect for wildlife in the winter. They have been partners with the Jackson Hole (JH) Nordic Alliance for about 3 years now. Josh has found the partnership with the Nordic Alliance to be a great contribution to expanding knowledge about nordic skiing in the Jackson Hole region–both where to ski and where not to ski to respect winter wildlife closures and encourage stewardship. 

Check out Jackson Hole EcoTour Adventures on Facebook to stay up to date on their Wildlife Wednesday postings! Visit their website to join them on a tour.

Trip Report: Turpin Meadow Ranch

Turpin Meadow Ranch XC and Skate ski highlights. The recent snow meant excellent conditions for both skate and classic skiing. First tracks on the Mule Loop this morning were met with perfect corduroy. The fat bike single track was groomed, too! Socially distanced lunch to go and dinner by the fire made for a great day!

Weekend Highlight

Your update on all things JH Nordic from this week, in one place.

Watch: 399 and Cubs Den for the Winter

by Jackson Hole Ecotour Adventures
What a way to end 2020! Grizzly 399 and her 4 cubs traveled nearly the entire length of Grand Teton National Park last week, returning to a denning area in the northern part of Jackson Hole.  The family of bruins has put on some serious weight in the past few months and we’re hopeful they will emerge healthy in the spring. 

It’s unusual but not unheard of, for grizzlies to remain active throughout December, watch the video to learn more about Grizzly 399 and the amazing adaptations bears have to hibernate through the winter!  

January 6, 2021 – Nature Update

provided by Cathy Shill founder of The Hole Hiking Experience https://www.holehike.com/

“Let my mind become silent,
And my thoughts come to rest.
I want to be
All this is before me.
In self-forgetfulness
I become everything.”
-Joseph Cornell

Happy New Year!  What a wonderful time to reconnect to ourselves and nature. The season of winter supports reflection and a slower pace with short days and long nights. The New Year shares the perfect time to align with nature and life around us.  We can pause to connect with the world. Nature rejuvenates us if we slow down to let it.

As Henry David Thoreau said, “You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind.”  With our busy lives, it helps to take a break and spend time outdoors. A few deep breaths will calm our energy and allow space for more peace and ease. The flow of nature is with life, with the current of this moment. We have much to learn from the natural world. Each day holds wonderment and Jackson Hole is the perfect arena to slow down to listen.

The week started with a blanket of fresh snow which quiets the forest. We can choose to go to a busy place like a ski resort or we can choose to go into the woods and breath in the quiet and space. After a storm, everything glistens with freshness like going through a car wash. Storms carry some punch.

Jackson shares endless trails to connect with the natural world. We have been skiing along the Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton Park. It’s a great beginner ski and you can’t beat the beauty. Trails are a bit slower after the holiday rush. I know that we enjoy touring beneath the majestic Teton peaks as much as our clients do!  Join us to learn about the natural world, the season of winter, how species adapt to winter and, yes, all about about those Tetons. The Hole Hiking Experience (www.holehike.com) 307.690.4453

Be safe. Be well and here’s to a joyous 2021!

Trail Creek Nordic

Last Updated: 1/9
Racing Continues!

The second and final day of the Trail Creek Roundup where youth from our community, Pinedale, and Lander will be racing commences at 11:30 this morning.  Today’s venue will be a 5 K classic course and once again the course will be closed to spectators because of the pandemic.

If all goes according to plan there will be some skate grooming on the National Forest trails today and by mid-morning tomorrow things should be nearly back to normal.  Thanks to all who have helped with the race or had to adjust their schedule to accommodate the race.

Groomer’s choice for today is for the racers to ski fast.

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Last Updated: 1/8
Cache creek and May park are groomed and in good shape. Game creek will be finished around 10:45. Game creek and three creek pathway are groomed and in good shape as well. We also groomed Cache, Hagen, Gauging Station, Sidewalk, and Hagen Highway on 1.5. River and Ferrins were groomed since.

Teton Pines Nordic

Last Updated: 1/6

Sunny days are here for awhile and the skiing will be great! We groom 16km for skate and classic daily. We offer private lessons daily—please call the shop to schedule. We still have a good selection of gloves and hats but have a smaller selection remaining of pants and jackets by Swix and Daehlie. 

We have a small selection of skate and classic gear in the shop. Our ski/boot/pole sizes are very limited so please call us before showing up to see if we have what you need!

Daily grooming, wide corduroy skate ski lanes with well defined classic tracks make for excellent ski conditions. Skate and classic cross country ski/ boots/ pole rentals. . If you want to explore Grand Teton NP and the Jackson Hole area on xc skis, we carry the must have xc ski trail guidebook for our region in the shop:
Please call or email Cody for more details: (307) 733-1733
or tetonpinesxc@gmail.com

Shooting Star

Last Updated: 1/5
Some much needed snow has and is currently falling. Skiers should expect storm styling skiing today, followed by what appears to be very enjoyable conditions Wednesday-Sunday. If the forecast holds, the trails will hopefully firm up & smooth out each day throughout the week. Get out and enjoy the fresh air! Next update will be on Monday 1/11 or whenever conditions change.

Please See the following  Restrictions

  • Dog Loops & All Nordic Skiing Trails OPEN
  • Sled Hill OPEN
  • Classic Tracks SET
  • Snow Shoeing Loop OPEN
  • Casual Walking Not Permitted

Teton Village Pathway

Last Updated: 1/6
Groomed this morning, from Lake Creek Bridge to end of pathway near GTNP South Entrance. Nice corduroy, skate and classic skiers, fat bikers all out enjoying!

Grand Teton National Park

Last Updated: 1/8
Trail conditions are looking good in GTNP.  Grooming Taggart Lake Trailhead to Signal Mountain and back today. 

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Last Updated: 1/9
The trail set up nicely overnight with the cold temps! The classic and skate lane should skate wonderfully today. Great Teton views and plenty of Moose tracks around the last few days, so a sighting of a moose or two in the flats seems pretty likely!  To help with social distancing and to get you on the trails faster please purchase your trail passes and sign your waivers online in advance (see link below). As always, remember to recreate responsibly. Bring a mask as it is required to enter the lodge. Lunch and dinner are both by reservation only.

Cheers, Gabe Hassan
https://www.turpinmeadowranch.com | 307.543.2000, office

Grand Targhee

Last Updated: 1/8
Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Last groomed 1/5/2020) Fat Bike OPEN.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Last Updated: 1/9
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Everything is set this AM and in great conditions.

Please do not park in the library parking lot. Please be sure to keep your dogs on a leash and to clean up after them.


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Last Updated: 1/8
Skate: Set | Classic: Not Set
Driggs trails were groomed at 5 pm on Friday. Main High School and Middle School loops are in good shape for classic and skate. East trails groomed and in great shape for fat bikes and classic skiing. Also enjoy sledding and dog walking on East trails. Groomer tip: Trails between High School and Middle School best area to skate ski!!Enjoy the skiing in town. Thanks for getting outside! GK

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/8
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Classic and skate track set. Smooth and filled in. Single track/ dog walk path groomed.

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Last Updated: 1/9
Skate: Set | Classic: Set
Saturday: After a cold, clear night, plan to get early start grooming this morning. Will use the Ginzu to reset skate and classic tracks. Both should turn out well. Finish by 9am.

Southern Valley Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Last Updated: 1/8
Skate: Set | Classic: Not Set
Should be done grooming by 9. I expect good grooming and ski conditions with the couple inches of new snow.

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Teton Springs Nordic

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday
Last Updated: 1/8
Skate: Not Set | Classic: Not Set | Singletrack: Not Set

No dogs allowed.

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 1/7
Singletrack: Set
Thurs PM – human groomed a lap pulling the kids on sleds. A little soft on top but should ride-in well and hoping it sets up overnight. Go fatbike!

Southern Valley Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 1/9
Singletrack: Set
Freshened up the skate lane tonight. Classic track still in good shape from Friday groom. Expect great ski conditions on Sunday.

No dogs December 1 – April 15.

Darby Canyon

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 1/6
Grooming Darby 1/6 afternoon. Should be done by 4:00.

Rammel Mountain Road

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 1/8
Groomed as of Jan 8th.

Trail Etiquette: Please keep your dogs leashed in the parking lot and be sure to clean up after them!

South Leigh Road

Grooming Schedule: As needed
Last Updated: 1/6
Grooming S. Leigh 1/6/2021. Should be done around 12:00

JH Nordic Alliance Annual Free Nordic Ski, Fat Bike, Snowshoe Event

Based on our goal to Recreate Responsibly, the JH Nordic Alliance has decided to cancel this season’s Annual Free Winter Trails Nordic, Fat Bike and Snowshoe Event. Stay tuned for January 2022! In the meantime, we encourage you to get out safely, responsibly, wear a mask, keep your groups small, and space out!

We’d love to hear about your outdoor adventures, what your doing to stay healthy, safe, respectful of community health guidelines – send pictures or post on FB and Insta – #JHNordic

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