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Last Big Regional Race of the Year: West Yellowstone Rendezvous

Are you ready to put a winter’s worth of training to the test while you enjoy the beauty of the Yellowstone region? You are invited to participate in the 41st annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race on March 7th, 2020 in West Yellowstone, Montana. There are six different races to choose from depending on your age and ability: 2K, 5K, 10K, 25K classic, 25K and 50K.

Registration closes at noon on Thursday so if you’ve been thinking of going, register soon!

Togwotee Winter Classic Fat Bike Race This Weekend

Friday Mar 06 – Saturday Mar 07

The Togwotee Winter Classic is a not-for-profit fat bike race on groomed snow and/or snowmobile trails at 8000′ to 9,600′ in elevation under extreme winter conditions.

The course for this year will be different. There will be a 35-mile loop and a 20-mile loop. See link for maps, more info.

Trail Creek Nordic

Last Updated: 3/2
Grooming Daily

A Bit Breezy!

The snow is moving around the fields somewhat today as of 11 AM at Trail Creek; while not anywhere near the raging blizzard category, many classic tracks in the fields are rapidly disappearing in the partly sunny, -3ºC/27ºF conditions. Today’s Ginzu grooming was multiple passes of all trail, woods and fields, plus a little touch up of some of the classic tracks in the woods. So far all trails are skating nicely and except for some moose and elk damage most woods classic tracks are pretty good.

Looking ahead our record group of IMD racers are off to California for nationals next Friday and the majority of our programs will wrap up for the season by the following Friday. As far as grooming goes our last possible date will be March 31st although that could be changed due to weather and snow conditions.

Turpin Meadow Ranch

Last Updated: 3/2
Grooming Daily

Beautiful day today with the Tetons showing off. Tuesday and Wednesday are calling for some afternoon snow, then clearing for the weekend. Come get another few laps in before we shut down for the season. Last day of grooming will be Sunday March 8th.

Click on our Turpin Ranch Cam to see real-time weather, conditions and views of the ranch.

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec

Grooming Today: High School Fields, Emily’s Pond Levee, Stilson and Wilson Centenniel
Last Updated: 2/29

The levee is groomed and in Ok shape. The classic track is shallow because of how firm the track is right now. Stilson will be done around 9:45. The school fields are groomed and in good shape.

Grand Teton National Park
Teton Park Road

Grooming Today: Taggart to Jenny Lake via Groomed Trail 
Last Updated: 3/2

Brandon started grooming the Cache Creek trail about an hour ago (11:30am) the sunshine. It  is really warming it up out there. Have fun skiing today.

Teton Pines Nordic

Last Updated: 3/2
Grooming Daily

We are closing early(3pm) on Tuesday March 3, but will resume normal hours on Wednesday March 4 (9am-4pm).
Conditions are still good and holding steady but watch the thermometer as we are in some pretty serious freeze/thaw cycles from now until the end of the season. The skiing will be best late morning after the temps begin to raise. Skate skiing conditions are typically awesome this time of year but classic track skiing conditions can vary drastically. The warm days make resetting the classic track challenging so please bear with us as we rapidly approach the end of the season! We’ve had incredible ski conditions and grooming for the past 100 days—so please thank our great groomers(Mike, Mark, and Curt)when you see them!

Our entire classic rental fleet is on sale now as we prepare to bring in a new rental fleet next season!
Classic package:
Salomon Snowscape 7 skis
Salomon Escape/Siam/etc boots
Swix poles
Total: $275 (dates for pickup vary on size you need—call us for details).

We have spring gloves, base layers, hats, jackets and a few pairs of pants remaining! We also have great deals on classic, BC, and skate skiing poles, boots, and skis!

Shooting Star Nordic 

Last Updated: 3/2
Grooming Daily

March is officially here and hints of spring weather are expected to appear! This week should provide plenty of enjoyable days for Nordic skiing. With the days being longer, combined with above freezing high’s, expect the snow to be ever evolving throughout the day and icy patches may frequent certain exposures. Have fun!

Next Update: Friday

Teton Village Pathway Trail

Update: 2/22

Teton village pathway trail – groomed on Tuesday. Firm, packed snow.

Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club

Grooming Today
Update: 2/22

Skier Update: Trail is ‘ groomed’ – not perfectly smooth corduroy, more “flattened and rolled”. Occasionally, there is a classic cross-country track, sometimes not. Certainly a nice hour and bit around the golf course with great views, a fun place to ski if you are looking for a new flat, groomed trail to try out.

Groomed with classic track on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Grand Targhee Nordic & Fat Biking

Last Updated: 3/2
Grooming Daily

It’s March and that means there’s fewer and fewer days left in the season.
Applying the economic principles of shred, a scarcity of days increases the absolute value of said days, especially if they are
going to be sunny and soft.

Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Last groomed
3/1/2020), Fat Bike OPEN.


Last Updated: 2/25

Nordic: Blue sky, wind finally settled down a little bit, -2F degrees. All trails above groomed this morning except for Flatline and Heart Attack. At least 2″ of new, wind-blown snow from yesterday. Have a great day!

Fat Bike 2/13: All Lower Kelly Park is groomed with a great riding base. Should be perfect conditions for the next 3-5 days due to high pressure system. For more information contact Geared Up, 307-399-5539 c.307-760-1912,



Grooming Today: Alta, Teton Springs, Yeti’s Loop

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/1
Skate: Good | Classic: Good


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Excellent | Classic: Excellent

As good as it gets!

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/25
Skate: Fair | Classic: Fair

Groomed on 2/24, 6 pm

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Good | Classic: Good

Apparently it did not warm up too much in canyon yesterday, so snow is still quite manageable. Able to reset both classic and skate tracks this morning. Both look to be good.

Teton Springs

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Excellent | Classic: Excellent

Groomed Sunday evening – finished around 7:30. All came out excellent. Should be the best conditions for a while with the warm temps coming in the forecast.

Yeti’s Loop

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/28
Skate: Excellent | Classic: Good

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: as needed
Last Updated:

Skinned a lap after some foot traffic then rode front portion on triple wide. Need a sled for more compaction but will keep trying!

Teton Springs Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: as needed
Last Updated: 3/2
Singletrack: Excellent

Plowed with v plow. All good

Southern Valley Singletrack 

Grooming Schedule: as needed
Last Updated: 3/2
Singletrack: Excellent

Darby Canyon

Grooming Schedule: as needed
Last Updated: 3/2

South Leigh Road

Grooming Schedule: as needed
Last Updated: 2/26




JH Nordic Masters Recreational Clinic

Thursday, March 5
Teton Pines Nordic Center | 11am-12:30pm

Join us Thursday, March 5th for Tips, Technique, & Fun. This clinic will focus on classic skiing technique.

Coaches provided by JH Ski Club Nordic Program
-Open to all (no first time beginners)
-Drop-in $35 (includes clinic & Teton Pines Nordic all day ski pass)
-Teton Pines/Season pass holders and Members: $30
Register: email : or call: 307 739 6399

Click here for more information.

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