Fresh snow in the forecast isn’t the only exciting thing to come to Jackson Hole this winter—welcome Nordic Pulse technology! Nordic Pulse, a live GPS grooming app, gives you cross country ski trail reports in real time. Essentially, this platform connects Nordic-lovers like us, to a GPS tracker that grooming personnel use as they work on the trails. At we have access to this technology. Simply view our website before your next cross country outing, and you will see a variety of helpful trail information. 

According to the founder of the organization,

“Nordic Pulse was born out of a desire to make grooming reports easier to find for skiers and to help clubs share their trail conditions. I believe strongly that deciding where and when to ski should be a quick, easy, and fun experience. After years of wading through outdated websites, online spreadsheets, snow phones (though I do love a good snow phone message!), user-reported blogs, and the like, it was time to create a new platform.”

Here at you can check the updated trail conditions via Nordic Pulse technology to decide which trails to use and when. 

Nordic Pulse takes their technology from other Nordic-friendly ski towns from Canada, to the Great Lakes region, to California ski resorts, to here in our backyard.

Why we love the Nordic Pulse live grooming app for Jackson Hole Trails

The technology is simple, accessible, and easy to understand on our website:

Gone are the days where you needed to search ten different websites to determine where you should ski tomorrow. Nordic Pulse brings everything together in a map format so that you can take a quick glimpse at the trail conditions on our website. For more information, you can click on the full report to see the name of the trail, if it is open, the distance groomed, and the exact time it was groomed. Now, our website has comprehensive information on all things Nordic-related in Jackson Hole.

The app works in remote areas:

“For ski areas who are working off-line or out of service, groomers can simply return to a wifi, cellular or satellite connections, press Sync, and the trails will be marked at the time they were actually groomed.”

Skiers across the country love this new technology: Since launching in early 2021, North American towns and cities quickly began using their technology. Less than two years later, 500+ groomers in 80+ ski areas use their live grooming app. Now, you can check our website at for these updates. Everything you need is in one location—making our lives easier.

(the “about” and “stats” report for Teton Pines Nordic Center on December 20th, 2022)

The updated trails on our website makes life easy for the groomers AND the skier: As you can imagine, after groomers finish a long day (or night) of grooming, the last thing they want to do is fiddle with a complicated trail condition website. Nordic Pulse makes the groomer’s life easy AND efficiently communicates trail conditions to the excited skier. Groomers rave about how easy the technology is and skiers can accurately see trail conditions while still in bed. That’s a win-win!

Sign-up for JH Nordic’s Daily Trail Reports and listen to KHOL 89.1 at 8:30 am every morning for the latest on what’s grooming in the area before you plan your next Nordic adventure!

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