Jane & Jess, the self proclaimed “Poop Fairies” of PAWS of JH discuss the importance of cleaning up after your dog for both the ecosystems of Jackson Hole and the general courtesy of keeping pet waste off of the trails for others that may be using them. They encourage and challenge dog owners to clean up beyond just their own pets, given the likelihood that you or others may accidentally forget a bag or not notice your dog going potty sometimes. Let’s keep our trails clean!


  • 29 Jan 23 – Daily Trail Report
    Trip Report: BC Nordic to Phelps Lake with KHOL The KHOL team was out on bc Nordic skis exploring Grand Teton National Park Friday. Knee to thigh deep trail breaking. Zero visibility at Phelps Friday. But here’s the view of Phelps on Saturday. Trail Creek Grooming DailyLast Update: 1/28A Wall of White!Another wall of fluffy white flakes has descended upon Trail Creek, resetting everything to fresh, unmarked powder. Fortunately, the Husky was more than up… Read More