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Fox Creek


Access via: From Jackson, take Hwy 22 west over Teton Pass to Victor ID. Drive north on ID Hwy 33 to 5000 N. (Fox Creek Road) Turn right (east) and drive across the flat valley, into Fox Creek Canyon until the road snowplowing ends. Be courteous to leave room for other vehicles.

Fee: $0.00

Fox Creek is similar in many ways to Moose Creek - a beautiful, wild valley running east from Teton Valley 4+ miles into the heart of the west Tetons, terminating at Fox Creek Pass. Fox Creek is more challenging than Moose Creek due to some route finding challenges, and traverse of a steep side slope. The trail is an "out-and-back", and thus can be relatively short, or a full day if one ventures up to the head of the valley.
Begin skiing on the snow-covered road, and depending on snow cover, you may begin near the summer trailhead or quarry gate, or as much as a mile down the forest service road. When you reach the quarry gate, continue up the quarry road into the quarry base area. Fox Creek, on the right, has a low dam. Cross the creek above the dam and pond, which should be snow covered. Ski tracks may or may not been available to follow, depending on recent snowfall. In general, Fox Creek is not a frequent winter trail, so you may end up breaking trail. The bonus however, is to have the entire valley to yourself.
The trail continues up the valley east on the south slope, winding its way through mixed conifer and aspen forests, paralleling the creek. Occasionally, the trail will drop back down to creek level and cross the creek. At approx 1 mile above the quarry base, the trail crosses a wood bridge to the north side, then progressively climbs the slope, traversing some open meadows and moderately steep slopes, approx 400 feet above the valley floor. Take care in traversing these slopes for both avalanche from above, and exposure above steep downhill slopes. Unless you have metal edges and strong downhill ski technique, it is best to turn around before.
Beyond this open steep slope crossing, the trail returns to the valley floor at creek level. At approximately 4 miles, the valley begins to widen and views of the upper valley open up.
Fox Creek is a hidden wilderness gem yet close to Driggs for the solid XC skier

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