View of Mt. Moran from Sting Lake in GTNP

Are you embracing Summer as a Nordic Skier?

As the last remaining snow recedes further up the mountain tops, it’s safe to say that ski season is officially over. 

It’s a bitter-sweet time of year for skiers, especially the Nordic community. Few activities compare to the rush of gliding through a snow-covered alpine forest. It can be challenging to find a summer activity that provides the same quality workout as a solid session of cross-country skiing. 

But the summer season can be as valuable a time as any for Nordic athletes. It’s important to embrace the current season so that when ski season is upon us again, you’ll be ready for it.

Proper Ski Storage:

As skiers, we know that our gear is an integral part of our sport. And the better you take care of it, the longer our gear will serve you out on the snow. 

While ski gear sits dormant over the summer, it’s best to store it with care. To protect your skis from oxidation, make sure to apply wax before storage, beginning with a hot scrape, then brush, and lastly applying storage wax to the bases. This guide from Swix will help clarify specifics. If you’d rather outsource this diy job, a local pro shop like Skinny Skis can provide this service. 

Remember when storing your skis, it’s best to find a spot with minimal temperature fluctuations – so preferably inside. 

waxing skis at the Skinny Skis tuning shop
Summertime landscape in Jackson is lush and green

Rest & Reset:

Ski Off-season is a wonderful time for athletes to catch up on some needed rest and to show the body that carried them through ski season some love. Perhaps indulge in some bodywork for a massage therapist or look to practice some restorative yoga. Make sure to properly hydrate and take advantage of the fresh local produce available during the summer season. 

Stay active in other ways. There is a surplus of options for activities in the mountains during the summer months. Jump into whatever your heart desires, whether that’s hiking, rafting, climbing, biking, or something else.

Embrace the season because we know that the snow will return once again in no time. 

Planning your upcoming ski season:

There is no better time to plan a ski trip than during the off-season. Take a look at a previous post we wrote to help you plan an unforgettable Nordic staycation within the GYE.

Don’t forget serves as a great resource year-round when looking for what trails to explore no matter the percepitation.

Planning your upcoming ski season

Rest up and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Ski season will be among us yet again. ❄️

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