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Sandbag Series Results After Bison Stampede Race

Top Three 6k
Nancy Leon
JC Prenner
Elliot Goss

Top Three 12k
Dan Tolson
Brent Peacock
Scott Horn

Congratulations Racers!

Save the Date: Winter Trails Day February 2nd

Join Friends of Pathways, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation and many others to celebrate winter trails day!

TETON PASS 9am – noon

Join Friends of Pathways Pass Ambassador Jay Pistono and Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation at your favorite backcountry access point.

CACHE CREEK noon – 4pm
Bike Demos, PAWS of Jackson Hole, and Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation at the Trailhead with hot chocolate and interpretive activities at our most popular close-to-town trailhead.

MAY PARK 11am – 1pm
FREE preschool ski lessons with Snow King Mountain Ski School with children’s nordic ski equipment provided by Snow King Mountain. FREE Nordic Tips for Adults by Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation

Ranger Led Snowshoe Hike/Meet at Taggart Lake Trailhead
All ability levels, ages 8 and up, guided tour with stops.
Suggested donation of $5/adult (plus park entrance fee: show annual pass or $10/vehicle/day)
Space limited, call 307-739-3399 to reserve a spot. Some snowshoes available.

COAL CREEK – 9am – noon
Teton County Idaho Search and Rescue will be at the Coal Creek Trailhead with information.

Top of Bridger Gondola

Bridger-Teton National Forest with Bighorn sheep and Wildlife closure information. TOGWOTEE – 9am – noon

Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation with the Bridger-Teton National Forest will be talking to snowmobile riders with treats and hot chocolate.

Trail Creek Report

Last Updated: 1/21 @ 1pm

Sky View Stadium!

As of today Sky View stadium and the associated and dreaded Gut Flop are officially open!  Last night we received yet another half foot of heavy dense snow which gave us plenty to cover up all the little bits of nastiness and bring Sky View and Gutflop into their full winter splendor.

The 12:30 PM conditions today are a light breeze, a few flakes falling, and a temperature of -1ºC/30ºF.  Today’s grooming was mainly prep work this week’s practice sessions, bringing all three stadiums (the stadium, Sky View stadium, and Moose Loop stadium) on line as well as doing extensive work in the fields and East Field Woods. While there wasn’t time for the National Forest trails today, pretty much every other trail received fresh classic and skate grooming.  The warmth has really helped the snow to firm up resulting in some very nice conditions.

Of note, a mountain lion was reported being spotted on the trails so keep your eyes open and you might get a lucky sighting.

Groomer’s choice for today is the East Fields and Sky View Stadium.

Turpin Meadow Ranch Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 9am

For those willing to drive up from town you will be rewarded with a winter wonderland! Our trails a freshly groomed for classic and skate skiing, as well as fat bike single track. The snowshoeing is at it’s best of the season so far with this latest round of precipitation. Come up, enjoy the scenery with a good workout!

Buy Your Turpin Meadows Trail Pass!

Photo From Bushong Property Services
Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/21
6pm: Currently we are having a major mechanical issue with our trailer that is used to transport The Pistenbully. Until this issue is resolved we will only be able to groom with the snowmobile and roller. We will update tomorrow once we have a better timeline.

9am: Cache Creek will be done around noon today to Noker Mine.


Grand Teton National Park Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/20

Taggart to South Jenny groomed today.

Video courtesy of Angela K.

Teton Pines Grooming Report

Photo from Bison Stampede event.

Last Updated: 1/19 

Well groomed skate and double classic set tracks, groomed daily to perfection.





Shooting Star Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 8am

Skiing should remain solid as the recent snowfall continues to freshened up the trails. Outlook is for calmer weather through Tuesday. Get out and enjoy!

Next Update: Wednesday

Grand Targhee Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/21

Did you know that Grand Targhee’s grooming team works all through the night into the
morning? When skies are clear, you can see them zooming around in their Cats all the way from the valley! Because of this, some runs are listed as groomed in the PM, while others are listed as groomed in the AM. Here’s what to expect from each:
• Groomed AM: soft, fresh corduroy that may have an inch or so on top – smaller skis will do just fine on these and you won’t have a problem working those edges.
• Groomed PM: (a favorite on a day like today) soft and flat underneath, with about 3-4″ on top, making for smooth surf like turns over a great base.

Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Last groomed AM 1/20/2019, No Classic), Fat Bike CLOSED.

Pinedale Nordic Trail Report
Last Updated: 1/18 @ 11am

Half Moon Tie-In, Kelly Park, Kelly Tie-In, Lower Surveyor, the perimeter of Upper Surveyor, Tree Loop, Moose Ridge, and Old Road Trail all groomed this morning. About ½ foot of new snow. 30F degrees. Still a few moose hanging out up above. The road and parking lot are plowed. As always, please pick up after your pets and pitch droppings off the groomed ski trails – it really helps to keep the trails clean.

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 1/20 @ 11am
Skate: Good |  Classic: Good
With the warm snow, both tracks came out really well. The classic track set into soft, warm snow and the skate lane did, too. The snow is so dense that the skate lane feels quite firm. Beware of the occasional pile of snow on the skate lane where I cleaned off the roller. Enjoy!


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/18 @ 5:30pm
Skate: Excellent  |  Classic: Excellent
Reset classic track this afternoon and groomed skate track. All trails are in great shape.

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 3pm
Skate: Good |  Classic: N/A
Finished a little after 2. Track will be a tad soft by the looks of the skier and dogs, but should set up ice tonight with the cold temps. Sunny day tomorrow before another system…Get Out there!

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 2pm
Skate: Fair |  Classic: Fair
Monday: Rolled the additional 6 inches snow. Finished around 2pm, as snowfall was diminishing and temperatures dropping. Set both classic and skate tracks, very soft and a lot of mixed use. Plan to use Ginzu tomorrow morning to reset both again.

Teton Springs

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 10am
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Good
Ginzu groomed the trails. It was still snowing and if a touch-up is required, I will plan to head out later today after the temperature drops

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/19 @ 11am
Singletrack: Good
Riding so well!

Teton Springs Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 10am
Singletrack: Fair
Very soft. Slow and low please

Southern Valley Single Track

Grooming Schedule: As Needed
Last Updated: 1/21 @ 10am
Singletrack: Fair
Cut the trail to full width, very soft. Should make a nice flat surface for the snow to come.

For more info on Teton Valley grooming, visit their grooming page.

14th Annual Spud Chase (Peaked Sports)-16K, 8K, 2K Freestyle

When: Saturday, January 26th
Where: Teton Springs, Victor, Idaho
More info:

Boulder Mountain Tour Nordic Race

When: Saturday, February 2
Where: Ketchum, Idaho
34 km- designated as a skate race, but classic track is set the length of the course – part of IMD Nordic Marathon Series.

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