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3.2 miles

Phillips Ridge


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Via WY Hwy 22, 5 miles west of Wilson on Teton Pass. Winter parking (on the south/lower side of the Hwy) is 400 yards below the Philips Canyon Trailhead access road (on the north/uphill side of the road).


Phillips Ridge offers a picturesque winter trail experience. Across the highway from the winter parking lot, a snowmobile trail along the uphill side of the road provides a convenient path uphill for 400 yards, reaching the summer access road to the trailhead (same as the well-known Ski Lake trail). While snowmobiles are infrequent, the trail often has a well-laid, packed surface, suitable for skiing. The trail gradually climbs, passing left of the summer mountain bike trail "Arrow Trail." As it winds uphill through open glades, occasional distant views of the Teton Pass valley emerge. Route finding can be challenging, but following existing tracks helps. The trail eventually turns eastward along Philips Ridge, offering wide-sweeping views over Jackson Hole from the end of the ridge.

Parking: Winter parking is available on the south/lower side of the Hwy, 400 yards below the Philips Canyon Trailhead access road. Parking is limited so please carpool.

Skiing Experience: The skiing experience on Phillips Ridge is moderate, with gradual climbs and open glades. Route finding may be challenging, and skiers should have adequate skills for the gentle downhill return.

Directions: Access the trailhead by following the snowmobile trail uphill from the winter parking lot. After 1/3 mile, the trail splits - the left uphill trail heads to Ski Lake, while the main trail follows the forest service road north at a gentler grade. Enjoy occasional distant views south toward the Teton Pass valley and wide-sweeping views over Jackson Hole from the end of the ridge. For further exploration, the left uphill retail at ⅓ miles leads to Ski Lake. Return via the same route, with the option to cut the switchbacks if snow conditions are good and skier skills are strong for the gentle downhill.

Winter Grooming: The trail may have a well-laid, packed surface suitable for skiing, with occasional snowmobile use. Exercise caution and follow existing tracks for route finding.

Summer Conditions: Enjoy the summer hike on the same trail or explore the trail to Ski Lake. The trail also makes a nice intermediate to advanced mountain bike ride, with the option of continuing further east and down the switchback single-track trail to the bottom of Philips Canyon, reaching the trailhead on Fish Creek Road.

Dog Owners: No specific notes for dog owners were provided.

Nordic Skiers: The trail is suitable for Nordic skiing, with occasional snowmobile use.

Elevation gain: 154m