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3.7 miles

Deception Creek - Togwotee Pass

Togwotee Pass

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From Jackson Town Square, drive north on Hwy 89/191 to Moran Junction. Turn right onto Hwy 287 and continue east over the summit of Togwotee until mile marker 30.5. The Deception Creek Trailhead has a dedicated parking lot on Hwy 287. Look for signage at the kiosk, and trail maps are available at multiple locations.


The Deception Creek trail is a community-supported Nordic trail network groomed by Wind River Community Nordic Trails in cooperation with the US Forest Service. The trail provides a moderate skiing experience suitable for both relaxation and a good workout. With a total of 5.7 km currently groomed and 10 km in development, Deception Creek offers a serene setting at 8600'.

Parking: Dedicated parking lot is available at the Deception Creek Trailhead on Hwy 287.


Beginnings: It begins from the parking area, crossing a flat area and Deception Creek before gently rising to the start of the "Mothership Loop" (4.2 km). The large meadow known as "Tanner Park" marks the beginning of this loop, offering skiers the choice to proceed in either direction.

Views: Enjoy views of Lava Mountain to the south, the Pinnacles to the north, and the Wind River valley to the east. The trail passes through conifer stands and meadows, with a spur trail leading to an overlook of the Wind River.

Trail Options: Explore the "Mothership Loop" or a second loop called "East Fork" (1.5 km) joins the main loop about halfway around, starting from a small meadow with an island of trees and leading through an enchanting forest before rejoining the "Mothership."

Return: Return to the parking area following the same trail.

Winter Grooming: Check for grooming updates and trail conditions on the Wind River Community Nordic Trails Facebook page.

Nordic Skiers: Enjoy a well-marked trail with groomed sections suitable for Nordic skiing.

Elevation gain: 97m