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3.8 miles

Coyote Rock

Gros Ventre & Wyoming Ranges

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Teton Science School 1 Ditch Creek Rd Kelly, WY


From the Teton Science School (TSS) – Kelly parking lot, a snow covered, plowed road heads east and gradually uphill. Follow the road approx. 1/3 mile, look for the skier tracked trail on the right (south) side of the road. The trail parallels the road as it begins to heads uphill into a open forest drainage. The trail may or may not have skier tracks, depending on last snow fall. Follow the drainage east, rising from 6733 ft at TSS, up to a saddle at approx. 7500 ft. At the saddle, the area opens into a meadow. Turn right and head south toward the open meadow and ridge top, and continue right toward the west toward the summit of the low peak. Coyote Rock is on the ridge 100 yds below the summit. A beautiful view west and south toward the Tetons and the southern half of Jackson Hole can be had from here. On a windless day, this is a good spot for a picnic and photos. Views of a yellow grassy hayfield a bit south of the westerly ridge are the “Kelly hayfields”, where hay has been grown to supplement elk feeding in the past.

On the return journey, one can retrace one’s tracks, however, the track can be narrow and fast if limited to keeping skinny skis in the tracks. The preferred route is to continue west and downhill from the summit, along the tree line on the right, over the sage brush. Depending on the snow depth, the sage brush may be covered or quite visible above the snow. In the latter, skiing downhill on skinny skis can become rather technical, so traversing and kick-turns becomes the technique of choice. Ski down to the large open meadow, then gradually turn northwest to rejoin the original track just above Ditch Creek road. Signs of an elk herd can be found, with elk hoof tracks, disturbed snow where elk have dug into the snow to reach winter grasses. Pick up the original ski track, then ski to the road, then back to the TSS parking lot

Elevation gain: 288m