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8.9 miles

Bonneville Pass from Brooks Lake Lodge

Togwotee Pass

Fee: $0.00


Start at Brooks Lake Lodge and ski 5 miles east to Togwotee Pass summit. See "Brooks Lake Lodge Trail".


Bonneville Pass offers a picturesque, remote valley experience in winter, gently rising from behind the Pinnacles, north of Brooks Lake, and south of Mt Austin. The trail climbs gradually through open meadows and conifer stands, providing beautiful views along the way.

Parking: is available at Brooks Lake Lodge.

Skiing Experience: The trail offers a moderate level of difficulty with rolling climbs, suitable for intermediate skiers to advanced skiers.


Beginnings: From Brooks Lake Lodge, head out the main gate and turn left onto Brooks Lake Road. Follow the road east to a signed junction marked "Bonneville Pass."

Uphill Stretch:The trail gradually climbs along the west-to-northwest flank of the Pinnacles, then turns east into the valley.

Views: Enjoy scenic views of the surrounding landscape from the top of Bonneville Pass.

Return: Return to the lodge via the same route.

Summer Conditions: In summer, the trail is a dirt road used by hikers and horseback riders to access the trailhead below Bonneville Pass. Visit brookslake.com for more information on summer trail options in the region.

Elevation gain: 177m