This profile highlights both former JH Ski and Snowboard Club student-athletes, coaches, Hall of Famers, Nordic Biathlon Olympians. Read their stories in their own words.

Nordic Profile in Martin Hagen’s Own Words

Martin Hagen

What brought you to Jackson Hole?
Martin: Fate was what brought me here I guess, because I was born here.

When/Why did you first get into Nordic skiing?

Martin: I was in 7th grade in 1968 when Ted Major (my science teacher) started a Nordic program. As to why, most of my friends were into football, basketball, baseball and the like. So, when we “came of age” to decide what sport to commit to in junior high for the winter months I had a real hard choice to make. Many of my friends went out for basketball and I wanted to be included in the group. But, in my heart, skiing was where I felt most comfortable and my dad’s advice was to follow that feeling. So, I did. 

What is your greatest Nordic accomplishment?

Martin: That’s a hard one. Over the years it seems as if that is a matter of perception by many people. Some people think it is my record over the 15 years I was on the US Biathlon team—being inducted into the Hall of Fame both locally and nationally. As far as an individual race? I just don’t know. 

What is your greatest contribution to the Nordic community?

Martin: I hope it is not taking myself so seriously that I can’t talk to people at every level of the sport.

What advice would you offer a Nordic skier who is just starting out?

Martin: That’s easy, have fun with it.  Strive to make it fun at whatever level you want to achieve. I say this because my best performances were, and still are, when I’m enjoying myself.

Nordic Profile in Pete Karn’s Own Words

Pete Karns

What brought you to Jackson Hole?
Pete: I was born in Jackson Hole in 1945.  My father was born here also and my grandfather homesteaded here in about 1890. I have lived here my whole life except for time in college and the army.

When/Why did you first get into Nordic skiing?

Pete: I got into Nordic skiing when I a teenager and competed in both Alpine and Nordic skiing both in high school and in college. I competed for the University of Utah and won several competitions in both Alpine and Nordic events and earned NCAA All American Honors, After college, I took up the sport of biathlon.

What is your greatest Nordic accomplishment?

Pete: My greatest accomplishment was when I competed in Biathlon in the 1972 Olympics where I placed 14th in the 20 kilometer event and was then the leadoff skier for team USA in the Olympic Biathlon Team Relay. We placed 6th in that race which, to this day, is the best that the USA has ever placed in that event in the Olympics.

Pete Karns

What is your greatest contribution to the Nordic community?

Pete: My greatest contribution to the Nordic community is the years that I coached.  From 1973-1976, I was the ski coach for the USA Biathlon team. I coached the team at the 1973, 1974 and 1975 World Biathlon Championships and at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbrook, Austria. 

What advice would you offer a Nordic skier who is just starting out?

Pete: My advice to beginning Nordic skiers is to look at cross-country skiing as a lifelong activity. Even though they may pursue Nordic skiing as a competitive sport in their youth, it is an activity that will keep them healthy and fit all of their lives. 

Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club Hall of Fame

The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club (JHSC) is proud to serve over 500 youth athletes in its 83rd season. In 2014, the Club established the JHSC Ski Museum and the JHSC Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame currently includes 22 members and will continue to induct a new class every four years just before the Winter Olympics. To be considered for the JHSC Hall of Fame, nominees must have notable ski or snowboarding achievements in at least one of the following categories:

Competitor – Sports figures who achieved fame in skiing competition including the ski sports of alpine, cross country, jumping, nordic combined, freestyle, snowboard, telemark, gelande, or biathlon.

Pioneer –Those who developed the opportunity for skiing by creating sites, facilities, equipment, backcountry access and backcountry skiing, or were ski mountaineers.

Innovator –Those who significantly contributed to the development or promotion of skiing, such as educators, ski instructors, coaches, snow safety experts, and equipment designers.

Inspiration – Great skiers who were famous for their skill and prowess as skiers. 

Nominees do not have to be members of the JHSC but must have made a significant contribution to the Club. 

Pete Karns: US Biathlon Team member (1968-72); US Biathlon National Champion (1970, 1972); US Olympian (1972): 14th place in 20k Biathlon and 6th place in Biathlon Team Relay (6th place – still best US finish ever); US Biathlon Team Coach (1973-76); US Biathlon Olympic Coach (1976). Competed as JHSC athlete in Alpine, cross-country, and jumping.

Martin Hagen: First US Jr. Biathlon Champion, three-time US Olympian, fifteen years on US Biathlon Team.  Accomplished JHSC athlete and supporter.

Beers and Banter: JH Nordic Skiing

Learn more about Martin and Pete in conversations with the Jackson Hole community at the JH Historical Society and Museum’s Beer and Banter night. See video below.

These two also host and presented JH Ski Club’s Parents Education Webinar in February. Look out for the recording.

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