📣 Giveaway: Share Your JH Outdoor Adventure with us and win JH Nordic Alliance Prizes and you’ll also be entered to win the Annual JH Nordic Photo Buff Competition!

Your adventures are worth sharing. We want to hear details, see your photos and share it with the JH Nordic community!

There are four ways to enter to win:
1/ Submit your photo(s) and trail report details. (5 entries)
2/ Leave us a Google Review on our Google listing page, share your experience and photos. (2 entries)
3/ Leave your Trail Review on our Trails page(s). (3 entries)
4/ Post your photo/video on social media and tag @jhnordic#jhnordic #jhnordicadventure (2 entries)

You must be the owner of the image.

Three different chances to win:
Feb 28 / March 21 / April 15

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