Jim Woodmencey,
Meteorologist & Owner of MountainWeather.com

Mountain Weather

MountainWeather.com is a trusted source for weather in the Jackson Hole community. Jim Woodmencey began this meteorological consulting company in 1991 right here in Jackson. Jim specializes in weather forecasting for mountain locations and teaches weather courses for private and military applications to be used around the world. Jim is an avid mountain biker, former ranger, High Mountain Heli-Skiing guide, Lead instructor for Mountain Weather forecasting courses and an American Avalanche Association Certified Instructor.  

Usually when winter is about to turn on, everyone in Jackson bombards Jim at The New York City Sub Shop with questions on what his predictions might be. All those that enjoy playing in the snow want a good stable snowpack and fresh powder to glide through. If you’ve spent a winter in Jackson, you know by now that it’s worth the wait for those pristent shred/glide-on-top-days. The experience is effortless and so fun during those perfect conditions and can make anyone’s winter memorable. 

Weather Education

It’s vitally important to pay attention to the snowpack and the weather. The snowpack is really just a reflection of what the winter has already done since things turned on and how the temperature has directly affected the snow. Increased knowledge will translate directly to an increased margin of safety during any venture into the outdoors. Jim provides Weather Forecasting classes here in Jackson and elsewhere. 

Here are some of the classes you could catch this Winter season:

Winter Weather Forecasting Course

December 14 & 15, 2019
Location: Jackson, WY
American Avalanche Institute 

Course Description:

This 2 day course is focused on winter weather forecasting for avalanche forecasters, mountain guides, ski patrols, pilots, and others who want to generate a short term forecast in a very dynamic weather season. It will be centered on information that is currently available on the Internet and is broadly applicable to all snow climates.

Trip Planning

We value the expertise of Jim that’s why in our winter season Daily Trail Reports we pull the daily forecast directly from MountainWeather.com.  We understand no matter what activity (Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing or fat biking) you are taking part in you need information to make the best decision possible.

Explore some fabulous trails in the valley this early Fall season before the snow really falls and use our Trail Search. A lot of the trail markers on our website can be explored all year round. We’ve asked Jim what his favorite trails were but he rather keep those to himself and we understand that completely. Get out there be safe and have fun!

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