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Trail Creek Report

Last Updated: 3/2


One of our younger groups was having fun the other day while enjoying warm soft snow and created a fantastic snowman that will greet you on your journey up Grunt, make sure to check him out on your next outing to Trail Creek. As part of your welcome today you will encounter lots and lots of fresh groomed trails; today’s Pisten Bully grooming entailed a best line skate pass of almost every trail along with lots of classic track touch up in the fields. While conditions aren’t perhaps Olympic caliber because of all the warm wet snow we have received as of late, you should be able to have a great time and get a good workout today. As of 9:30 AM the sky is partly cloudy, the wind calm, and the temperature -10ºC/14ºF.

There was a six pack of moose hanging out by Rogue Bridge in the Boiler section today. If you notice the laid back ears, they have been a bit testy lately; all the snow has not really made their lives easier. The big gal in the front was being just a bit threatening so use a little common sense on your adventures.

If you have noticed that the close field is pretty much a maze at the current time, you are not mistaken; this maze however, is not the random wanderings of a snow crazed groomer, but the results of several additional events this winter that require specific courses. If you’re confused we apologize, hopefully you have been able to enjoy what is probably the most kilometers of set trails (~20) ever at Trail Creek.

Turpin Meadow Ranch Grooming Report

Last Updated: 3/2

It’s been nothing but sunshine and good times up here the last few days. We’re only open for one more week, so if you’ve been thinking about coming up, do it now! Seize the moment and make your way to Turpin to enjoy the daily grooming and tasty lunch. If you’re looking to stay, local’s get 10% off lodging!

Teton Co./Jackson Parks & Rec Grooming Report
Last Updated: 3/2

9:15am: The levee and Stilson are groomed and in good shape. I am heading to the school fields shortly and will be done around 11:00.

Grand Teton National Park Grooming Report
Last Updated: 3/1

Photo courtesy of Bruce M.

Going all the way to Signal Mountain today might take awhile, but it will make for nice fresh tracks on this sunny day.

Teton Pines Grooming Report
Last Updated: 2/25

Conditions at Teton Pines are…snowy. We are doing our best this week to keep our trails nicely groomed, but due to the amount of snow in the forecast, the wind, and the varying temperatures, please visit our Facebook page or give us a call at (307)733-1733 for the latest conditions.

Shooting Star Grooming Report
Last Updated: 3/2

Conditions through Tuesday look to be fantastic! The track should continue to firm and smooth out each day. Get out and soak up this sunshine!

Next Update: Wednesday

Grand Targhee Grooming Report
Last Updated: 3/1

Farewell to a DEEP February! An additional 10″ added to the base yesterday, 3″ overnight, has pushed Grand Targhee over the . 400″ season total mark and we’re not stopping there!

XC OPEN (Last groomed AM 3/1/2019, NO CLASSIC), Fat Bike CLOSED.

Pinedale Nordic Trail Report
Last Updated: 3/2 at 10am

Most all trails above groomed this morning. Others should be in good shape. Road is plowed and dry, parking plowed. Chilly. 14F degrees at the Nordic Equipment Building, was -11F in Upper Surveyor.

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Fair |  Classic: Good

I went out this morning and finished up the track. We now have re-established both the classic lane and the skate lane across the entire track. They will both be quite soft, but dry, sunny conditions over the next few days should help firm it all up. Enjoy!

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Poor  |  Classic: Fair

Groomed trails Friday evening. After lots of snow and warming temperaturs surface was challenging to groom. Hoping for consistent temperatures so we can get track back in shape.

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/14 @ 11am
Skate: Fair |  Classic: N/A
Made a number of laps to reset the track Thursday am. It is a bit wet and soft but fair and skiable.

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Not set  Classic: Not set
Headed out to groom Teton Canyon will report back upon completion. Hope to be finished around 9am!

Teton Springs

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Last Updated: 3/2
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Fair
Just finished grooming the course, 4 passes around. Skate should be great. Gave classic a “fair” rating due to the poor conditions of the set tracks, but the course (out of the tracks) should be great.

Yeti’s Loop

Grooming Schedule: As Needed
Last Updated: 3/2 @ 7am
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Good
Did a few more laps on Yeti’s Loop Friday afternoon with the old ginzu. Got it cleaned up and buffed out.  Also set a classic track that will work well for classic skiing counter-clockwise.
Mike Harris should be plowed this morning…thank you Skyliners! Please park efficiently as the lot can only accommodate about nine vehicles. Are you enjoying this new trail?

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 3/1 @ 8am
Singletrack: Not set
Trails closed for wildlife. Please respect closure till snow recedes.

Teton Springs Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 2/17
Singletrack: Poor
Marked conditions as poor due to windblown hardpack that will breakdown with traffic

Southern Valley Single Track

Grooming Schedule: As Needed
Last Updated: 3/1
Singletrack: Good

For more info on Teton Valley grooming, visit their grooming page.

US College Ski Association (USCSA) Championships – Nordic Races

When: Sunday, March 10
Where: Trail Creek Nordic Center, Trail Creek Road – off Hwy 22, Wilson WY

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