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Featured Event: XC Ski at Historic Murie Ranch 

When: Saturday, February 2 from 1-3:30pm
Where: Murie Ranch, Grand Teton National Park, Moose
Join us on Saturday, February 2 from 1-3:30 p.m. at The Murie Ranch for our first Community Soup & Ski! Enjoy an afternoon of fresh air and hot soup with friends and family. Spots are limited, RSVP required.

More info:

JHSC Club & Community Update
Featured Alumni: Walt Berling

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Seattle.

At what age did you start skiing?
I really started skiing in junior high on Snoqualmie Pass. ALPINE.  I was inspired by my uncle, Bob Johnston, a first lieutenant, Bronze Heart, and Purple Heart in the 10th Mountain.  He was a 3-way skier, all-American in college, won NCAAs as a Nordic coach, was a founding member of REI . . . He loved skiing and it grew in me

Did you Nordic race in high school and college?
Nope. I didn’t really start Nordic until I lived at White Grass Ranch and would ski to the village to work and Alpine. Started doing citizen races  . . .

For your time at JHSC were you always in charge of the Nordic program?
(I was) Head High School Nordic Coach 28 years, JHSC Nordic Director 3 years, and Head Ski Club Coach one more year . . . That (high school) was really my niche. I loved team stuff over technical.

Teaching was also a part of your career; could you tell us a little more about that part of you?
Teaching was awesome. I worked with kids with learning disabilities. School could be hard for them so we became a team. I tried to make them feel welcomed and loved. If reading is hard for you even, if your IQ is 140, school may not be a fun place.

In the end I wore out 36 years a teacher

How often do you ski now?
I either Alpine or Nordic every other day. I think it’s important to ski the trails you groom. You quickly see where you did well and where you messed up.

Where are you living now?
Boise, ID. I wanted to move while I had energy to be part of a new community.  I bought an old house, 1905 in an historic neighborhood.

Are you working now or just retired?
I work, but only do jobs I would do for free.

I work 2 days at Trader Joes. Hard to be on feet 8 hours but fun.  (Note:  He is also grooming trails at Bogus Basin).

Are you still biking?
Other than grooming job I never start my car.  Awesome mountain biking two blocks away, 200 miles of trail.  Restaurants, movies, the capital, Trader Joe’s 8 blocks away. Bike heaven.

What is your favorite memory of skiing for JHSC or at Trail Creek?
It is a beautiful place. The kids. I feel so blessed.  Plus I worked with such awesome coaches, HS and Club alike.

Where there any big challenges in the early days?
Track setting is super hard.  People have no idea of the skill, the cold, what a stuck snow machine is like. Nordic is not basketball, it can be brutal. My motto:  Anyone can be good when tracks and conditions great, but you see who is real when conditions suck.

Any other thoughts you would like to share with the Nordic community?
Just remember, you are sliding around the woods on pieces of plastic for a life that in the scheme of things is not that long. Look around, stop, smell the trees. Being fast is not as important as who you are as a person. Work hard but don’t take yourself too serious.

Remember and honor those who skied here before, even if you have no idea who they were.  I knew some of those no longer on earth and they were great people.

A saying at the Vasaloppet in Sweden:  “We ski on the tracks of our fathers/mothers.”


Trail Creek Report

Last Updated: 1/27 @ 12:20pm

Skiing Everywhere!

We are very fortunate living here in that there are nearly infinite possibilities of choosing a place to fulfill our Nordic skiing adventure, with everything from crisp groomed trails to backcountry powder and you can ski with crowds of friends  or in absolute solitude.  The image above is from just one of the examples from a few years back of the Spud Chase which was held again yesterday in Teton Valley.  You can check out the results here.

If Trail Creek is calling you today for that Nordic adventure you will find plenty of good skiing.  As of noon it was mostly overcast with a light breeze and temperature of 1ºC/33ºF.  Almost all classic tracks have been set since the most recent snow and are skiing nicely.  Today’s Pisten Bully grooming was primarily a best lane skate pass of all trails.  Even the minor trails way back in the woods have been groomed not to mention double classic tracks were reset in the close field.  Take advantage of the warm temps and come on out for a great Nordic ski today!

Turpin Meadow Ranch Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/25 @ 3pm

The snow continues to fall and our trails continue to be superb! If you need a rest from all the powder skiing come to Turpin to take some Nordic laps this weekend. Bring the whole family; trail passes are only $5 for kids 11 and under. Plus we have lots of amenities for our day guests: we have snowshoes and skis for rent, lunch is served from 11:30-2:30, and there is a full service bar for apres.

Buy Your Turpin Meadows Trail Pass!

Last Updated: 1/26
8:40am: The levee and Stilson have been groomed with the Pistenbully. Both are in great shape for classic and skate skiing. I will be heading to the school fields shortly and will be done around 11:00.

Grand Teton National Park Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/27

Good news! The park road was groomed today from Taggart Lake Trailhead to South Jenny Lake.

Teton Pines Grooming Report

Last Updated: 1/23 

Conditions have been great and with fresh snow, this weekend will be incredible! Come ski with us.

Shooting Star Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/23 @ 9am

Trails are in great shape! Skiing on Wednesday will be on the powdery side from the current storm and then progressively firm up through the week. Enjoy!

Next Update: Saturday

Grand Targhee Grooming Report
Last Updated: 1/27

Did you know that Grand Targhee has the deepest base depth in the Northern Rockies? That number just keeps climbing too. 5/6 nordic trails groomed.

Cross Country/Fat Bike 15k: XC OPEN (Groomed AM
11/27/2018), Fat Bike OPEN.

Pinedale Nordic Trail Report
Last Updated: 1/27 @ 9:30am

All trails above groomed this morning. 28F degrees, pretty nice, calm! There is wildlife still around, both deer and moose. Control your pets please, and thank you for picking up after them.

Alta Track

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Last Updated: 1/27 @ 10am
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Good
I ran two laps this morning with the ginzu. I left the classic track as it was since it looked really good. It has drifted in at a few spots on the northern loops but is in exquisite shape over most of the track. I ran two laps over the skate lane to smooth it up. Should be really good out there. Enjoy!


Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/25 @ 8pm
Skate: Excellent  |  Classic: Excellent
Reset classic and skate track tonight. Main and north loop rolled multiple times to compact new snow and make skate skiing fresh. East loop reset classic trails. All grooming was done after snow stopped today, hoping for cold temperatures to make track firm. Enjoy the skiing this weekend.

Sherman Park

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/26 @ 8am
Skate: N/A  |  Classic: Good
Made 4 passes, 2 wide last night. Great conditions this morning! Enjoy.

Teton Canyon

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Last Updated: 1/27 @ 6:30am
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Good
Sunday: Temperatures in mid 20s should make for good grooming and skiing conditions. Will reset both skate and classic this morning. Finish by 930am.

Teton Springs

Grooming Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Last Updated: 1/24 @ 8am
Skate: Good  |  Classic: Good
Sunday: Temperatures in mid 20s should make for good grooming and skiing conditions. Will reset both skate and classic this morning. Finish by 930am.

5th Street Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/24 @ 10am
Singletrack: Good
Packed in nicely. Go spin out those ski legs!

Teton Springs Singletrack

Grooming Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Last Updated: 1/22 @ 9am
Singletrack: Excellent
TS system groomed to perfection *may be wind blown

Southern Valley Single Track

Grooming Schedule: As Needed
Last Updated: 1/22 @ 9am
Singletrack: Good
Entire Southern Valley Trail System has been groomed to perfection

For more info on Teton Valley grooming, visit their grooming page.

14th Annual Spud Chase (Peaked Sports)-16K, 8K, 2K Freestyle
When: Saturday, January 26th
Where: Teton Springs, Victor, Idaho
More info:

Boulder Mountain Tour Nordic Race
When: Saturday, February 2
Where: Ketchum, Idaho
34 km- designated as a skate race, but classic track is set the length of the course – part of IMD Nordic Marathon Series.

Cross-Country Ski outing at the Historic Murie Ranch
Saturday, February 2 from 1-3:30pm
Where: Murie Ranch, Grand Teton National Park, Moose
Join us on Saturday, February 2 from 1-3:30 p.m. at The Murie Ranch for our first Community Soup & Ski! Enjoy an afternoon of fresh air and hot soup with friends and family. Spots are limited, RSVP required.
More info:

Winter Trails Day
When: Sunday, February 3rd
Join Friends of Pathways, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation and many others to celebrate winter trails day!

TETON PASS 9am – noon
Join Friends of Pathways Pass Ambassador Jay Pistono and Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation at your favorite backcountry access point.

CACHE CREEK noon – 4pm
Bike Demos, PAWS of Jackson Hole, and Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation at the Trailhead with hot chocolate and interpretive activities at our most popular close-to-town trailhead.

MAY PARK 11am – 1pm
FREE preschool ski lessons with Snow King Mountain Ski School with children’s nordic ski equipment provided by Snow King Mountain. FREE Nordic Tips for Adults by Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation

Ranger Led Snowshoe Hike/Meet at Taggart Lake Trailhead
All ability levels, ages 8 and up, guided tour with stops.
Suggested donation of $5/adult (plus park entrance fee: show annual pass or $10/vehicle/day)
Space limited, call 307-739-3399 to reserve a spot. Some snowshoes available.

COAL CREEK – 9am – noon
Teton County Idaho Search and Rescue will be at the Coal Creek Trailhead with information.

Top of Bridger Gondola

Bridger-Teton National Forest with Bighorn sheep and Wildlife closure information. TOGWOTEE – 9am – noon

Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation with the Bridger-Teton National Forest will be talking to snowmobile riders with treats and hot chocolate.

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