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Donate: is a non-profit, community focused, Nordic ski trail maps and guide resource. We welcome your input and contributions. Our profits will be donated to a regional community grooming project. Thanks for your support!

Jackson Hole Nordic Alliance:

A collaboration of community organizations and enthusiasts practicing and supporting Nordic skiing, fat biking, snow shoeing in Jackson Hole, Teton Valley and the Greater Tetons.

The JH Nordic Alliance works with community partners such as Grand Teton National Park Foundation to provide community-sponsored funding for Nordic trail grooming from Taggart trailhead to Signal Mountain, with US Forest Service -Bridger Teton in their winter trail ambassador program, and more.

Members/participants include:

  • Phil Leeds, Scott O’Brien Skinny Skis
  • Sean O’Malley Enthusiast
  • Scott Horn Enthusiast
  • Ned Wonson, Andrew Shrum Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
  • Nick Beatty, Dan Verbeten Teton Valley Trails and Pathways
  • Cody & Colleen Downard Teton Pines Nordic
  • Brian Schilling TC/J Community Pathways
  • Nancy Leon
  • Lauren Dickey, Chris Owen, Katherine Dowson Friends of Pathways
  • Dave Hunger Teton Mountain Bike Tours
  • Cathy Shill Hole Hiking Experience
  • Taylor Philips, Josh Metten JH EcoTours
  • Mark Berry Grand Teton National Park Foundation
  • Linda Merigliano, Lesley Wiliams Bridger-Teton US Forest Service
  • Mike Piker, David Wilkinson BT-USFS
  • Turpin Meadow Ranch
  • Erich & Chris Wilbrecht JH Sotheby’s
  • Andy Erskine, Steve Ashworth TC/J Parks & Rec
  • Brian Krill, Ben Morley, Steve Swan JH Ski Club
  • Gwenn & Don Wadsworth Instructors
  • Dave Adams Sandbag Race Series
  • Tom Athey Hoback Sports
  • Paul Smith, Hal Wheeler The Hub
  • Kate Sollitt JH Travel & Tourism Board
  • Vickie Mates, Chris Finlay, Elizabeth Grand Teton National Park (Partner)
  • Maki, John Tobiason
  • Scott McGee Snow King Mountain
  • Mark Hanson Grand Targhee
  • JH Chamber of Commerce Elisabeth Rohrback
  • Tim Young Wyoming Pathways
  • Heather Devine, Andy Huber Gliffen
  • Amy Yatsuk Email producer
  • Jennifer Kohlhardt Enthusiast

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